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FA Cup Poem 2022

The snow fell hard, on a humdrum town

This club has dragged you down

It's December 1990, Gazza's in his prime

But down in deep High Wycombe

It's challenge trophy time

Look, it's hard to understand this

But I swear to God they cheered

All around the local community

Peterborough were revered

A different time, but the same old (new) place

Adams Park, so fresh and new

Local interest, national interest

Just what can (little) Wycombe do?

Tuns out nothing

It's a Football Focus meme

Motson in his hated coat

Killing all our dreams

God, the profits outsiders made that day

As the angel snow did fall

While we lost some decent revenue

And no-one kicked a ball

That sheepskin coat shaped football

For 20 years or more

When all it was in truth was bad news

For the backroom lads on Final Score

Time's moved on, things have changed

It doesn't snow these days

Motson's coat is in a skip

Somewhere out near Hayes

So drink it in, the FA Cup

Remember that brown coat worn by Beeks?

And somewhere in a flatland field

A Swann man turns and shrieks


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