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Mental Health

edited November 2022 in Football

Great article on the BBC about mental health in football and the personal journey of David Wheeler.


  • Fascinating article. David Wheeler really is a great credit to the club and the profession. I've often thought that of our former / current players he's the one I'd most like to see become a manager (if he decides to prioritise that over a career in psychology or politics). He obviously thinks very profoundly about the game and his ability to play in pretty much every position for us shows that he also thinks very deeply about how each position works in itself and in relation to others. Combine that with his obvious interest in man management and natural eloquence and you've got the makings of a seriously successful manager one day...

  • I heard Wheels interviewed about FIFA’s discredited claims about a carbon free World Cup in Qatar on BBC Five Live yesterday. He is articulate, intelligent and insightful, another reason to be proud of our club.

  • He’s an absolute credit to himself, his profession and we are lucky to have him.

    Ive not seen it mentioned but I think David had his 500th appearance last week. 👏🏻

  • Great article, nice to see Dobbo getting quoted too.

    David is a credit to himself & the club; he clealry thinks deeply about many subjects & is able to talk eloquently & intelligently about them too.

  • I'd never thought about him as a manager before, but now that I do I agree, I think he could turn out to be an exceptional one.

  • David Wheeler is the sort of man who gains respect with his intelligent, thoughtful tone - the sort of person people will listen to even if they initially disagree with him, which can be a vital trait. Very proud that he is a Chairboy, and also proud of our club for evidently already being down the required road some distance.

  • When asked if he would be willing to become Player Champion for the Disabled Supporters Association, Wheels said yes before he had time to blink. As others have said, he is a real credit to WWFC and we should treasure him.

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