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Man of the Match - Port Vale (H)

MOTM vote.

  1. Who is your MOTM for Port Vale (H)63 votes
    1. Did not see/abstain
    2. Stryjek
    3. McCarthy
    4. Forino
    5. Mawson
    6. Obita
    7. Wing
    8. Wheeler
    9. Freeman
    10. Mehmeti
    11. Vokes
    12. Hanlan
    13. Grimmer (sub)
    14. McCleary (sub)


  • Wheels - they'd have created more than enough to win it if not for his dogged snuffing out

  • Thought Wheels was good in the centre of the park today

    Another game yet more of Wings amazing balls & a goal, which just tipped the balance in his favour for me today.

  • Wheels. Felt like he was a one man midfield in defensive phases today.

    Special mention to Hanlan who looked like a bright spark.

  • Easily Hanlan I thought

  • Hank a for me. Thought he was a menace for Vale most of the night.

  • Wing for me. Was one of the few looking to take the game to Vale and be aggressive in dangerous areas.

    Beautifully taken goal also.

  • I went with Wheeler, I have to admit I wasn’t that enthused when I saw him starting - the nature of a utility player is such that you’re unlikely to think, “woo!” when you see them in the starting XI.

    And my apathy led me to try and watch him carefully to see how he was playing - to see if I could prove myself wrong.

    And he put in a ton of key challenges, which were vital at a time when we’re missing a true midfield scrapper. A good professional foul too…and risked a second, thank god Wing had already drawn the booking before him…

    Great goals from out of nowhere from Mehmeti and Wing, obviously, but I’m going to go for the non-glamour option this time.

  • edited November 1

    Interesting spread of votes. Without reading the comments above I’d have put that down to nobody really standing out but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

    I gave it to Mehmeti. Tonight, like a lot of this season, I felt he was responsible for the vast majority of what little threat we actually offered up.

    I like Hanlan a lot and he gave a good account of himself but the service he was getting was pretty dire and seldom in the right pockets of space he was looking to run in to. When he went up top we should have adapted to the change better.

  • It’s Wheeler for me, closely followed by Lewis Wing. Are he and Freeman joint leading scorers behind Mehmeti. ?

  • I thought their number 27 Robinson was the best player on the pitch tonight.

    Oh for a full back / wing back who can deliver crosses like his.

  • I think Vokes is ahead of them with 3, but I could be mixed up given the two disallowed goals.

    Mehmeti could take some catching with 7!

  • David Wheeler for me, it seemed to me that not only did he make several crucial tackles, but that only his headers were aimed at and mostly reached a teammate.

  • There was one ball in particular, during the second half, that was an incredible delivery that should have led to a goal.

  • Really good spot. Was very good, particularly in the first half.

    Super quick, tidy on the ball and absolutely tore Obita a new one at one point. Definitely one to keep an eye on for future reference.

  • Wing for me.... goal..... obviously was sweet.... but even without that, I felt he was involved with everything positive and was always forward thinking. Close second was wheeler

  • Not a full update, but an interesting stat on Lewis Wing:

    First 13 games: 28 MOTM votes at 2.15 votes per start.

    Last 3 games: 69 MOTM votes at 23.00 votes per start.

    Up to 4th on overall votes too, with 2 out of 3 of the last MOTM awards.

    Well done Lewis!

  • He may walk a bit like Charlie Chaplin (which for a long time used to make me worry that he’d taken a knock) but he has settled in very well, is creative and likes to shoot from outside the box. During those few games (early this season or late last season, can’t remember which) when he partnered Dom Gape in central midfield, I thought they complemented each other very well.

    Lewis Wing, I mean.

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