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Match highlights on WycombeTV

Just watched extended highlights. Neither disallowed goal shown! Would also be nice to have Phil's commentary.


  • It really is unbelievable they wouldn’t show the disallowed goals. They showed Vokes’s on Tuesday why not yesterday’s?

    Pretecting the referee maybe

  • I think you can watch the full match replay and then ff to the relevant time

  • They're both on the ITV highlights show

  • Second one definitely a foul, but Vokes has become the new Bayo in the eyes of the refs 🙃

  • I think there is a foul from Hanlan for the 2nd, but is there also a possibility of handball by Vokes? His arm is up and very close to the ball. Difficult to see if there's contact.

    The first one though..... deary me.

    Morecambe had a pretty good penalty shout for a JJ handball as well though. Probably just about evened itself out in the end.

    The really annoying thing is that both of the last two games should have been done and dusted by half time, like against Burton on the opening day. The mood amongst Wycombe fans would be a lot different if that were the case

  • The first one is a complete mystery. In fact it's so similar to Vokes' Cambridge non-goal you wonder if there's something distracting. the officials at that end.

    Hanlan's 'goal' is soft but fair enough. We'd be raging if that was allowed against us.

  • The Vokes one is ridiculous. Not a single complaint from any players, "fouled" player even starts getting into position for the restart!

  • I think opposition managers are simply getting in referee's ears saying we are dirty and divey and to watch out for x and y. Otherwise it is hard to comprehend why these perfectly good Vokes goals are disallowed and we have not been awarded a penalty in almost a year, despite some really strong shouts.

  • It does make you wonder doesn’t it? Almost identical ‘fouls’ in almost identical spots.

  • Don't think there's much in the Hanlan one, as contact looked minimal. Can understand why the ref gave it though.

    Really quite dispiriting to see Vokes have another perfectly good goal ruled out. He won't get many this season, if jumping with a defender is now deemed a foul.

  • Just watch the defenders for the Vokes disallowed goal. Not one complaint except from the defender who got out muscled, who’s just furiously remonstrating with himself for not dealing with the cross.

    The second one is very soft too. Absolute sack of spuds act from the defender.

  • Can't see a foul in either of those really. Can only assume the ref can see Vokes hands on the first defender which are hidden to us.

    And the second one the defender has gone down as if being smashed.

  • I must admit if the linesman had put his head where I told him he wouldn’t have been able to see anything.

  • edited October 31

    Ah you see - I thought he already had it there and I was shouting at the screen asking him to take it out!

  • Looks like the defender just slips and lands on his arse for Hanlan’s goal

  • And I suspect the ref thinks Vokes is climbing on the defender’s shoulders, while the defender just recognises he has been out muscled…and that’s part of the game.

  • In GAs post match interview he says they were told the ref had blown for a foul by Vokes.

    On the replay @bluntphil is very quick to pick up on the refs whistles, so it may be correct.

    I'm not suggesting I can see a foul myself but 🤷‍♂️

  • The linesman flagged for Vokes disallowed goal. The ref was going to give it. What made it so strange is that linesman normally only flag for offsides and leave the ref to look for other infringements when the play is in a central position.

    I would be very interested to hear what the linesman thought he had seen ? Basically if linesman start acting as the referee it makes all the officials look bad. A full explanation from the linesman to account for his interference should be the least the club and EFL should expect.

  • The same linesman, @ChasHarps, who flagged for the Morecambe goal but couldn't see a foul on Stryjek.

  • I've watched that replay about 20 times and I can't see a foul on Stryjek

  • I agree that you can’t see any foul on Max as he tries to keep the ball from crossing the line, but I’m told he was held back as the corner was being taken which meant that he couldn’t get across quickly enough. I believe his team mates had never seen him so angry when the goal was given as he knew he’d been fouled.

  • Further to that there is a photo on the official site of a Wycombe corner which clearly shows Vokes and McCleary having their shirts pulled and Forino being held. Admittedly we were lucky not to concede a penalty for handball, but most of the big decisions went against us.

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