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“Possession can do one”



  • My favourite one was when they said that someone had "allegedly" rescued a pensioner from an overturned car.

  • They also unnecessarily use inverted commas in serious headlines a lot of the time, which has the effect of making them read sarcastically.

  • Might as well say: "Nick Freeman, not welcome here"

  • "If football was supposed to be played on the ground, why put air in the ball"

    Brian Gruff

  • "Hangovers Are Better Than Stepovers"

    I'm saving that one for the right time

  • To be fair, it has often felt that way until recently!

  • I’d love a full length poster of that Sky graphic from the L1 play off with Oxford being 1st and us being 23rd in every single passing stat category, with “Wycombe 2 Oxford 1 - Wycombe promoted to Championship” at the top

  • Id like us to sing the following whenever we score a really good goal (which is pretty regularly in fairness)…

    Every week, every week, how can we watch this, every week

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    The statement is a bit clumsy.

    However, Ainsworth is correct. I can't tell you why (legally), But trust me he is.

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    I would also say.. I have people working around the clock on this. If WWFC need my resourses I'm easy to find

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    If there's a positive from that quote, I would imagine it would put off a fair few chairmen/owners of bigger clubs who want their teams to tiki-taka like there's no tomorrow. Though our style is reminiscent of the team currently top of the Bundesliga, Union Berlin. They've been incredibly effective on a style based on letting teams have the ball, force them into areas where they can't threaten the goal, turn over play and hit the opponents on the break.

    I'm sure their head coach Urs Fischer has probably been quoted as saying the equivalent of "possession can do one" in German.

  • In German it's probably just one word

  • Besitz cann einen tun….courtesy of Google Translate. You learn something every day on the gasrooom!

  • That’s the polite version @glasshalffull.

    Besitz kann dich ficken is a little more, shall we say, industrial !

  • ballbesitz kann hau ab

  • Heil Hoof

  • Wonder if we’ll manage 66% ballbesitz and 24 shots again today and actually sneak a narrow victory?

  • 14 shots according to BBC stats.

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    The trouble is, today especially, no one seemed able to keep the ball down when shooting.

    In his post-match interview with @bluntphill at MK, Nick Freeman described how he chested the ball down, pushed his head forward and volleyed the ball into the top corner.

    Superb technique. I’m sure all professional footballers are aware of the need to lean into the shot but of course, when the opposition boxes are as crowded with defenders as they have been in the last two games, everything has to be executed in split seconds. Nick was outside the box at MK and had time to apply the correct technique.

    I would like to see much more shooting from outside the box. It’s a lottery as to where the ball will finish up and that can make life difficult for defenders.

  • We have scored more than one goal in 4 out of 16 games now, though it is a bit harsh counting today as we had it in the net three times.

    Rather than being ruthless in front of goal, we are so merciful they are going to name a charity after our finishing.

  • For a range of reasons we're just not capitalising on chances at the moment, putting huge pressure on the defence to hold out.

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  • The best BFP typo ever was in the ‘Soulmates’ section (a kind of analogue Tinder).

    ’We’re two girls who just wank to have fun and meet guys. Reply to box 998’.

    There was quite an inquest about that. Sadly, the Midweek edition was running behind schedule and no one had told us grunts in production about it, so to save time, I lifted the text from the BFP edition and it got printed again.

  • Reminds me of the time at an old job where they introduced a new employee to the whole co, surname "Knibb", with a hastily spell checked email, with the new name "knob".

    What a first day welcome!

  • The guys who responded were very surprised to find two grills.

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    Percentage of possession for Wycombe Wanderers in League One matches so far this season

    66% - lost

    66% - lost

    59% - drew

    55% - lost

    52% - lost

    47% - lost

    47% - won

    45% - won

    43% - won

    40% - lost

    39% - win

    38% - drew

    32% - won

    30% - lost

    27% - drew

  • We’re clearly passing the ball on the deck far too much.

  • I'd like to see this on Tuesday....

    Allow the wing backs to attack and let Wing and Horgan pick the passes.

    GK: Max

    CBS: McCarthy Forino Mawson

    RWB: Freeman LWB: Kaikai

    CM: Wing Horgan

    AMC: Hanlan Mehmeti

    CF: Vokes

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