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Subscription Complaint - need help

Hi all,

I hope someone can point me in the right direction.

I have had a nightmare with my son's season ticket subscription. It's a £1.84/per month subscription.

Last month (beginning of September) - a payment bounced because I blocked my card as I had misplaced it. When found, I removed the block.

EVERY SINGLE DAY @ 8am ON THE DOT - since that day - WWFC have attempted to take money from my account.

For the first week - approx £6 per day

Second - fourth week - approx £13 per day

EVERY day at 8am until the other day - £23 per day

In the meantime I couldn't make any online transactions for tickets with WWFC because there was some "block" on my account that the bank blamed WWFC for, and WWFC blamed the bank for.

I made 5 phone calls (to wwfc) and 3 to the bank to try and resolve this........nothing. Until, Ryan at the ticket office got onto it. He was extremely helpful and charged the arrears on my account which I owed from the beginning of September, albeit got charged the wrong amount (£18 instead of £5). That has since been refunded.

At the first sign something was wrong, I moved all my money from that account and had to rearrange bills and direct debits in the fear that this money was going to be taken. In light of this I have had numerous charges from various suppliers for missed bill payments and am out of pocket. Could not go to MK today with my 6 year old as result.

I've messaged Pete Couhig on Twitter, got a very brief answer and not heard anything since and feel like it's not been taken seriously.

Is there someone that I can message/email to explain the aggravation that the inept ticketing system has caused me?

Just for the record, WWFC did not actually take any money that they were not supposed to.

Kind Regards,


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