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Martin O'Neill: On Days Like These



  • Sorry, never liked that green kit. I always thought it was a shame that for our first FL game we wore a kit that had nothing recognisably Wycombe about it (apart from the badge I suppose).

  • In fairness, making a special request to have a home game, and them stitching us up with the furthest possible away game had already tried to make an absolute horlicks of the first game.

    That kit is lovely though, but kits are often divisive.

    Some people genuinely like the "Smith" kit (or more accurately the kit Wycombe fans chose over the one that looked more standard quarters, but suits us to blame him as if he had the design crayons out himself)

  • I have never met anyone who doesn't think the Smith kit is an utter abomination

    Worst football kit in history

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    Sorry, never liked the green kit either

    What a team in that photo though !!

  • I remember Martin at the time saying that we could have played Manchester United and we would have been disappointed if they held us to a draw and that’s what it was like.

  • That team genuinely feared no one.

  • We made a long weekend of it before heading to Orient for the league cup game, which was also excellent. A brilliant season in the league culminating at Wembley plus the various cup runs.

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    The mixture of being a teen just getting into it, and charting unexplored territory in the league didn't half make for a heady powerful combination.

    Probably only matched since with the FA cup run.

    Maybe the championship promotion would have been an additional one if we could have properly gone to games.

  • Big Q&A with MO'N in this month's FourFourTwo

  • It’s the first football kit that I ever owned, hard to hate a kit that gave me so much joy as a six year old at the time.

  • MON on BBC podcast “sacked in the morning “ was very funny. Worth a listen IMHO.

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