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Plymouth Transparency for Fans

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Some of you may have come across this already but I thought it was great insight into the club and finances.

If only this was somethng that all clubs did!

21/22 Financial Statements Submitted | Plymouth Argyle - PAFC

Assume it is all above board and there are no skeletons in the closet. Will allow those with more P&L knowledge to perhaps provide an honest assessment.


  • Looks like a very well run club and not over spending like many.

    No mention of loss or gains on player trading though which would fall outside of turnover and expenditure.

  • Looks like gain on player sales of around £440k in the figures.

    £700k loss excluding player sales but that includes £700k depreciation which is largely a paper transaction.

    Broadly seems that are spending pretty much what they are earning which is pretty healthy while doing well on the pitch. It helps getting home fan attendances roughly three times our level. I fear out figures may not be quite so healthy.

  • I don't mind Plymouth myself, plenty of other teams to dislike more than them, was only all brought on when twatface was in charge. Get away from the center of the city and its a lovely part of the country, I have a friend who lives 15 minutes away from Plymouth in Cornwall, and every time I go down I don't really want to leave.

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    Yes, it is more funny that we have recently been their bogey team (which could end any time) and the fans gnash their teeth at us at the first slightly delayed throw in. Taken holistically as a club though, they are not really worth hating, and even (whisper it) have a certain amount to admire about them!

  • I found a nice hoe last time I was down that way too

  • Not only is the coast to the immediate east and west of Plymouth beautiful but so is Dartmoor to its immediate north. Then the Hoe , in the centre of the city is arguably the most attractive sea-front in the country.

    the shopping area was very badly bombed in the war and rebuilt in a style most now find unattractive but otherwise it’s a great location.

    not totally sure the flat area between Tiverton and Bridgewater adds much value so perhaps we could cut that bit out and dump it somewhere and cut the distance to the rest of the country…..

    it is highly enjoyable as an expat native of the city that we have such a good record at Home Park (only average at AP) but now Adams has long gone, have to admit they are a decent club - probably upwardly mobile.

  • Do you live that way Dev?

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