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@drcongo and @ReturnToSenda

Have these two regular contributors given up on the Gasroom? If so, it is a real shame.



  • It's @drcongo's site, so he should be back!!! Definitely missing his wit right now, whatever he has going on.

    I think ReturnToSenda said he was leaving. I hope he rethinks, as he always has a lot to add.

  • They may have eloped.

  • I always feel enlightened by comments from @ReturnToSenda, I don't have to agree with everything someone says as thought and debate is really what everything on here is about. Insults have no place but as it's football, emotions can run high and we all must understand that. Please @ReturnToSenda, reconsider your decision to return and bring back some of the deeper technical and statistical content that you so ably do. @drcongo you are legend and are surely chained to this wonderful site and forum. There will always be keyboard warrior, one shot nitwits to come and try us, however I hope we all see the bigger picture.

  • I certainly do and agree with pretty well everything you say @ValleyWanderer. I feel guilty now about my trite but well- intentioned quip!

    I’m not as keen as I think you are on the technical and statistical stuff and I didn’t enjoy the recent unnecessarily personal exchanges but it’s been a bit of a cliff edge and I join with you in hoping that rifts (if so they be) can be swiftly healed.

  • Not been on for a few days, what has gone on ???

  • I think RTS wears his heart on his sleeve, and is full on with his forum and online stuff, so a little break won't do him any harm.

    But the absolute shimmering ape who was giving him a hard time and getting personal should take a hard look at himself.

  • I miss them both, the gasroom is better place with @drcongo and @ReturnToSenda

  • @drcongo we owe a debt of gratitude to for making this happen.

    @ReturnToSenda offers real insight to stats and seems to have something of an inside track to the clubs machinations.

    Both excellent contributions who I hope will feel they can join in again soon.

    So good to have their views which are not always predictable and pendentive.

    Unlike the odd one or two I could mention.

  • The Gasroom is a rich tapestry of personalities, from the mellow to the cantankerous and everything in between. As a wise woman once said "It takes all kinds of people to make a world."

  • @drcongo is the site owner/manager so I don't expect him to be disappearing?!!!

    Maybe having a breather or has issues going on greater than that of the gasroom...... I know that will be hard to comprehend by some on here though 😕 😅

    I'm saddened to hear that @ReturnToSenda may have left the group. I hope this is not the case. I've always enjoyed reading their posts and views.

    From what I remember, one of the younger ones on here too like myself and I like to have a mix of opinions from all age groups.

    I have seen some views from @ReturnToSenda that differ from my own lately, and seen them get stick because of their views.

    We are entitled to our own views. @ReturnToSenda always posts honestly and shares their views respectfully, unlike others i could name.

    I sincerely hope that he/she reconsiders.

  • @ReturnToSenda - we need him back. Speaks his mind which is refreshing because too many contributors " toe the company line" not matter what's happened in the game or at the club.

  • Spot on @davecz, he brings (brought?) perspective to treads which were always interesting if as you say sometimes against the grain and at a tangent to the sycophantic.

  • I hope they both make their return, whatever has happened or been said, I'd like to think that everyone is here for one purpose which is their love for this football club.

    I hope to hear from @drcongo & @ReturnToSenda soon

  • Just find RTS account and look through his last comments, and you can link into it.

  • The Gasroom is poorer in their absence. I hope they both return soon.

  • For what it us worth I would recommend everyone takes time away from social media and forums from time to time.

    My breaks don't deserve a Gasroom thread but I hope anyone stepping away gets the rest they need.

    Come back when you ready

  • Anybody who posts any comments that don't pass groupthink - you know who you are - will inevitably grow tired of defending his or her position and will withdraw making it a duller forum.

    It'll happen next time too.

  • "groupthink"!!!

    The Gasroom is about as disparate a group of individuals as you could find, and it's all the better for it

  • I cannot speak for @drcongo or @ReturnToSenda they may be on their holidays, but as @Right_in_the_Middle suggests a break is a good thing and I decided to take one (except for the score prediction as I paid my tenner and want value for money off them Samaritans!). I know there are more Gasroomers I enjoy reading/agreeing/disagreeing with than not, but pointlessly debating with people who have multiple accounts so they can agree with themselves about the ONE opinion they have, or Faraging every day about not being able to express an opinion, not to mention comments such as: toeing the party line, sycophancy and groupthink as if we are a politburo and not a football forum, I found to be a drag and was actually starting to impinge on my enjoyment of supporting the team.

    So it's been a wild ride (this showboating post included!) but I'm out for now. Goodbye and thanks for all the Fish.

    Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and see you at Wembley. 😎

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    Is it time that some Forum rules to be brainstormed and agreed on so that all members don't overstep the line and that we know when to stop? I'd like to think that we are a step above the Twitter and Facebook groups and discussions as most of us hold that respect to each other and we wouldn't be chatting/posting on here if it wasn't for our love of this football club.

    We have many things to help us to avoid conflict, the Ignore setting or just not posting can always help and leaving things alone for the dust to settle.

    Yes, during the transfer window, both RtS and I have disagreed but I've never overstepped and made things personal and if I've come close to upsetting someone / the group I've often apologised.

  • Enjoy spending all that extra money Old Mother Truss is going to give you while you can!

  • Ironic that it appears to have been the game against Derby that has tipped the Gasroom towards insolvency.

    This is the one area of (for want of a better term) social media I generally inhabit and it has always been (for me) the equivalent of a good, country pub with the likes of the cantankerous landlord (@drcongo) the bar wit (@Wendoverman), the keen, chatty and opinionated youngster (@ReturnToSenda), the sage old guy (@micra), etc with strangers always welcomed and (usually) gently ribbed but rarely maliciously.

    if we have allowed ourselves to turn away our regulars and have turned to bullying those who dare think differently we should be ashamed of ourselves.

    (I shall return to sitting sullenly in the corner with my warm beer…)

  • Maybe the Gasroom should take an International break.

  • The Gasroom is bigger than the club and always has been. If everyone leaves they will just be replaced by different oddballs.

  • All hail Douglas Adams . By the way I’ve not posted anything for a while and nobody gives a shit . Ah well that’s the story of my life 😀.

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    It looks like @ReturnToSenda (Tom) has deleted his twitter account as well, I sincerely hope he is ok, whilst I didn't always agree with him, I respected his view & enjoyed his take on the game. I hope he is just taking a break & will be back soon & hasn't been driven off both platforms by intemperate comments from others.

    As for @drcongo I suspect he is taking a break or maybe formenting revolution somewhere

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