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A further idea to devalue the FA Cup

Just read an article in a National Daily that the FA‘s latest idea to devalue its own and the oldest cup competition in the world is to allow some clubs from the third round onwards (you can guess who) to not have to bother with replays whilst some ties will have a second match Apparently the decision on whether certain ties have a reply will be made once the third round draw has happened

Now call me old-fashioned but don’t you have a consistency of rules across a competition ?whether you have replays or not is a matter for debate but once again they are reducing their once flagship competition to the status of a Sunday pub league cup


  • One of the great things about the FA Cup is the prospect of a tie against a big club and the excitement of maybe holding out for that replay. Seems like the FA are keen to stop the exciting replays but keep the dull ones. Who needs two games against Rochdale? What TV deal can be gained by excluding the big teams from these games?

    I can already hear those who say a penalty shoot out means you have a better chance of the lower side winning. Don’t buy that at all. I also wonder what TV companies are interested in an unknown match length in initial ties.

    A similar self destruction act happened yesterday in cricket. The ECB have scheduled the Ashes to be completed by the end of July to keep a window for the Hundred competition. No test cricket in the school holidays. A packed test match schedule risking burn out in your key players. An unproven evening tournament given prime billing over the greatest competition of all.

    Sport is whoring itself for the ever slimmer pickings out there. The actual competition is almost irrelevant to the organisers. The FA Cup should have epic five game series and matches in the 5th round being delayed by 3rd round fourth replays. Everything in this plan feels cold whereas I love be a football fan for the emotion, joy and jeopardy.

    This proposal just can’t happen.

  • Regrettably clubs at all levels now see cup competitions as best an opportunity to play some of their fringe players and at worst a nuisance.

    We are as guilty of that as clubs in leagues above us. Perhaps guilty is the wrong word because we will have our reasons but the devaluation of cup competitions even as far down as the FA trophy has been a sad indictment of the modern game over the last 20 years

    unfortunately I am not clever or insightful enough to have answers maybe others have?

    All I know is a certain amount of magic has been taken out of our game with league positions being the be all and end all now

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    In the Qualifying rounds, replays are optional. The clubs have to make a decision before the game which helps those fixtures that are long distance and part-time players.

  • But the FA cup isn't chicken feed as a competition for anyone outside the top 10 of the PL as 1st prize is £1.8mill (runner up gets about half of that) and a place in the Europa League and a chance for the Community Shield

  • Unless you're Wigan, Portsmouth or even Leicester

  • Afraid that isn't correct, Otter. Draws up to the 5th Rd proper are followed by replays which results in severe disadvantage in the early rounds for teams facing long distance away midweek replays with many of their players unavailable unable to get time off work.

  • Have a read of the competition rules @DevC , you'll be surprised at the differences between the extra preliminarys & qualifying rounds to the main rounds. I believe that replays can be optional in the extra preliminarys & qualifying rounds 1 & 2 (if the clubs agree pre-match). Most clubs go to the reply as they don't want to miss out on potential extra income

  • 11. REPLAYS, RESCHEDULED, POSTPONED AND ABANDONED MATCHES (MATCHES PLAYED PRIOR TO THE FIFTH ROUND PROPER OF THE COMPETITION) (a) Replays (i) When a first match has resulted in a draw, it shall be replayed on the ground of the Club drawn second: in the Qualifying Competition – as directed by The Association; in the Competition Proper – as directed by The Association. (ii) When a replayed match is drawn after 90 minutes, an extra 30 minutes shall be played and 15 minutes shall be played in each half. (iii) If the score is still level at the end of extra time, the winner shall be determined by the taking of kicks from the penalty mark in accordance with the procedure adopted by the Internation.........

    Don't think you are right on this one @Otter87 . Could youshow me the clause where it says tha clubs can opt out of replays.

    There are no replays this year in the Trophy or Vase. Are you confusing them with FA Cup?

  • At least the FA aren't allowing PL teams to field their U21s, in this competition, as a means to slowly getting them accepted by the EFL into the football league pyramid!

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    Sorry @DevC you are correct, I was using knowledge from several years ago and didn't realise that the rules had changed. Several seasons ago, the clubs were given the option along with FA Vase & FA Trophy fixtures but I'm pleased that the FA have listened to those issues about the FA Cup

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