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Mid-match applause

Personally I'm not a fan. I prefer a pre-match minutes silence or applause to show respect for the individual concerned. It also doesn't allow the players to join in.

This has nothing to do with conceding a goal during/shortly after the applause for the Queen yesterday and (I think) for Bill T at Fleetwood.


  • Their equaliser could not have been more perfectly timed for the end of the national anthem could it?

  • My problem is that it’s almost always done in the wrong minute.

  • I think it's done in the right minute, but the explanation of it is incorrect

    To do it between the 70 and 71 minute mark makes sense, but that is not the 70th minute. They should just say "between 70 and 71 minutes on the clock" and pedants will be satisfied

  • I'm not a fan either @Watford_Blue . Separate to the cause (however noble) there are plenty of other times to show appreciation, but the middle of a match just doesn't feel right or even professional. You'll notice players taking throw ins or goalkeepers with goal kicks delaying because it must be distracting on the pitch. I remember Stockdale clapping mid game last season.

  • That would be much better. ‘At the conclusion of the x minute we will applaud’

  • Sooner or later there is going to be the awkward spectacle of a player pole-axing another right before the designated minute, and receiving his red card and trudging off to a torrent of applause.

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