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Man of the Match - Accrington (H)

Who gets your vote?

  1. Who is your MOTM for Accrington (H)80 votes
    1. Did not see/abstain
    2. Stryjek
    3. Grimmer
    4. Tafazolli
    5. Mawson
    6. McCarthy
    7. Obita
    8. Scowen
    9. Wing
    10. Mehmeti
    11. Gape
    12. Vokes
    13. Freeman (sub)


  • I went Scowen, though any of the backline and Mehmeti could have justly received my vote.

  • Agree @Shev I too went for Scowen but I thought the back 4 were really solid tonight

  • Back 4? More like back 9.

  • It speaks volumes of Mehmeti that he has not got any votes as of me writing this, but could have easily had a hattrick if things had broken slightly differently. The man is on fire!

  • Mawson for me, comfortably

    Unbelievable player to have at this level

  • I went mehmeti. Anything other than the goal that looked exciting involved him

  • Mawson, Gape, Scowen & Mehmeti were key tonight in what was a really attritional and at times hard game to watch. Had the latter seen a couple of his efforts hit the back of the net I think we’d be talking about a truly standout performance.

    As it is, I went for Dom. The centre-mid pairing didn’t put a foot wrong all night.

  • Mawson was another level and leads the line but Grinmer had a cracking game and gets my vote.

  • Jack Grimmer by a fair margin. So many key interceptions in a strangely defensive performance.

  • I should have called Grimmer out on my earlier list. He mopped up an awful lot in the air tonight and made critical track backs when we looked vulnerable to the counter. Very tidy performance.

  • A very attritional game, but that pass for the goal and the finish were pure class!

  • A very wide spread of MoM votes - what a team we have.

    Sometimes it is frustrating that Ainsworth still insists on playing very defensively / backs-to-the-wall for long periods, with the talent we have, but if we are grinding out results who cares.

  • Grimmer, if you get past Mawson and Tafazolli - the Scottish Franco Baresi will snuff the danger out.

    Probably his best game in a Wycombe shirt. Outstanding.

  • I was not there and perhaps our season has had an uneven start, but I am still quite optimistic that we have the squad to make the play-offs.

  • I know a lot of fans were ecstatic about Sam Vokes being back and me ole mate I used to take to games said the PA announcer gave it big with “…number 9, super Sammy Vokes “ but his best efforts yesterday were in our box. Yes, I know, you can’t argue with 17 goals but I thought Ali Al-Hamadi looked much more the part last night and put in a very good short shift (easy for me to say) following a disappointing contribution at Fleetwood.

    Sadly, poor old Ron discovered at 7pm that the bus from the railway station wasn’t running. He and six others shared a taxi but after the game he had to walk 2.5 miles home in the rain as even the service buses had stopped running after 10 pm. At 88, that is quite an achievement.

  • Sam Vokes is the best centre forward to ever play for us

    Ps his defensive contributions at set pieces are part of the reason for that

  • He was very good defensively last night.

  • I’d agree with this.

    I would also say Mawson is our best ever centre back, and Scowen our best ever centre midfielder.

  • And Mehmeti in with a decent shout of best ever at whatever you want to call his position.

  • With Vokes, Scowen, Mehmeti and Mawson alone, we are lucky to be watching this team play...even if it's a 'hard watch' !

  • Agree about Mawson

    I feel there's a great pub discussion to be had about central midfielder though

  • Add McCleary to that list at @Wendoverman.

  • Gape just about edges Scowen for me because of his fantastic second half display, which is where the three points were won.

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