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Derby (a) - rail strike planned (17th Sept)

Vast majority of 'Tommy Tick-off Tipple Trains' expected to be cancelled.


  • The RMT have announced industrial action for the 15th and 17th, the only lifeline is that if rumoured, that Mr Shatts is removed by the incoming PM. There maybe an appointment of a more competent minister for Transport who will spend more time trying to resolve the dispute, rather than throwing out mistruths.

  • The shambles of Avanti West coast and the ridiculous prices (plus a weather forecast) will swell the numbers at Vipienne today. Apparently the Chairman has just quit, what a shame..

  • Do you really think Liz Truss has it in her to appoint a competent minister to anything? Trust me I am no fan of Shapps (and have met him) and agree with everything you say about his spouting out lies, but be careful what you wish for. There are some seriously unhinged people who have backed her and will be sniffing around her nether regions for a job.

    (But he does need to go. That is indisputable).

  • A competent minister in the Tory party? You'd be lucky.

  • edited September 2022

    Like the Republicans I fear the Tory party has become more interested in 'characters' who refuse to be properly quizzed but throw out red meat to racists, Mail readers and GB Tv viewers and have little or no interest in actually running the country. Boris will be trying to work out if there are any rules to say he is not allowed to enoble himself in his Honour's List. Transport minister will no doubt blame Frenchies and wokeys for infrastructure problems and industrial action.

  • Rail strikes on Sep 15th & 17th now cancelled.

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