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Man of the Match - Charlton (H)

A draw more or less fair in the end, though we had slightly the better of it.

  1. Who is your Man of the Match for Charlton (H)75 votes
    1. Did not see/Abstain
    2. Stryjek
    3. Grimmer
    4. Forino
    5. Mawson
    6. Jacobson
    7. Scowen
    8. Gape
    9. Wing
    10. Mehmeti
    11. McLeary
    12. Wheeler
    13. Freemasn (sub)
    14. Al-Hamadi (sub)
    15. Horgan (sub)
    16. McCarthy (sub)


  • Went for Gape, thought he was superb, covered loads of ground & made some crucial tackles. Scowen & Forino weren't far behind

  • PBoPBo
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    An absolute glut of great showings there, so a tough choice.

    Scowen, Gape, Mawson, Mehmeti, GMac, Wheeler all putting in great shifts, and I would also say that was one of the best games I've seen Forino have, he's certainly becoming more assured. Excellent cameos also from Freeman and Al-Hamadi, I'm sure both will start in the tinpot cup on Tues but Freeman has to earn a league starting berth at some point.

    But I went with Wing this time, shite first corner aside I thought he had a really good blend of picking out some clever passes and physicality today, I thought he was a bit off the pace in some of the earlier games this season but is seemingly back on form.

  • Mehmeti for me. Made 28 look like an amateur. Mawson good too. Close the transfer window now, please.

  • Went for Forino as it was the most assured I’ve seen him. Mawson excellent though and a couple of superb first half cross field passes.

    lots of very good performances all round, including JJ who was against a pretty tricky winged a lot of the game and managed him pretty well and, I thought, read the game very well.

  • Mawson for me. Had Stockley in his pocket all game.

  • Very tough choice. I went for Forino but could have been Mawson, Gape, Mr he's every ****ing where or Mehmeti.

  • I went Mehmeti. I think he has entered the GMac zone where anything other than an exceptional performance seems poor, simply because he is setting his own bar so high.

  • Nearly went for Anis, but Forino was bloody brilliant today. Could have been pretty much any of them though. Grimmer deserves some praise too, after a few poor performance he was great today until he started tiring with a few minutes to go.

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    Likewise he was fabulous first half. That will be McCleary’s problem, he was so good last year whenever he has a quiet half a few request him to be dropped

  • Mawson, easy, can't see how anyone voted for anyone else

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    Went for Mawson but could have also been one of Scowen, Gape, Mehmeti or McLeary.

  • Forino for me, he was absolutely magnificent

  • Big decision for Gareth at Fleetwood, Taff or Forino. Discuss.

  • Tafazolli if he's fit. No real discussion

  • Taf if fit. Chris Forino is a great young player but we need to experience in there next week.

  • Also it’s a squad game, I have no doubt Forino (and probably Wakely) will start on Tuesday, but yeah, I’d imagine Taf would start a league game over Forino at the moment, even though the latter was excellent today.

    But to me it wouldn’t be a question of being “dropped”, just making the best use of the experience and resources you have.

  • Poor Max - did not do much wrong but is currently the only one keeping us from the "every starting player gets at least one vote" royal flush.

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  • Forino for me. Excellent game.

  • Forino is nowhere near as well equipped as Tafazolli on the ball. No brainer. Tafazolli.

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  • Mawson being genuinely two-footed makes him the most important of the three in terms of consistently having a balanced CB pairing

  • Anis for me but a special mention for Freeman who did some excellent work when he came on and actually looks a better player since he came back from injury than before not saying that he wasn’t very good before.

  • I know I’m obsessed but how can anyone dislike a comment as positive, appreciative and happy in recognising what a great prospect Forino is.

    Surely not Ryan Tafazolli !! Alfie Mawson? I don’t think so.

  • Aah ! I’ve just seen @frequentstander’s post !

  • It could be a misplaced like, I do it all the time.

  • Whoops! See what you mean @MorrisItal_ .

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