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Derby Tickets

edited August 2022 in Football

Have we nearly sold out 2,600 tickets for the away game, or is something funny going on? I just looked for the first time and there are about 200 left. It could be that only one block (EU K) was released initially. Did anyone look online at 10:00am this morning?


  • I had a quick look and I think the key line is "6 per account".

    I dare say season ticket holders are just buying up rafts of tickets for their non season ticket holder pals.

    Think that happened for a game last season and it was glazed over when questions were asked on here.

  • We won't sell anywhere near 2,600 tickets

    I reckon we'll take between 800 and 1,000

  • Looking at it now and not sure if it's all sold out are they are releasing block by block...

  • Either they sold 2400 on day 1, or they've only sold a couple of hundred day one.

    Both sound odd don't they.

  • When I called in yesterday to buy my ticket they were releasing one block at a time.

    looking at the seating plan our ticket sales were certainly not in the thousands

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