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Documentary on BBC iPlayer

May I recommend A documentary called “Fight at the Fort “ A follow up documentary about Fort William FC made by BBC Scotland

The first documentary , made pre-pandemic ,covered the fact that they hadn’t won a game for around 2 years

This documentary looks at their continued struggles in the 21/22 season not only contending with rebuilding a side to try and avoid relegation, introduced for the first time in the Highland league ,but also having to contend with the league management committee banning them from playing home matches due to an apparently unfit pitch and also some animosity from the local community who resent the fact that the clubs new manager, the only Asian manager in any form of British top class football, has bought in a lot of non-local players

A wonderful insight into a club battling adversity from all sides


  • I recall the original documentary. It was wonderful. Heartwarming stuff.

    So the struggle goes on.

  • Hopefully not a spoiler alert but the club are very much back in action again this season

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