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David Armstrong

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One for the older fans:

Very sad to hear of the death of David Armstrong who spent most of his career at Middlesbrough at the age of just 67.

He has a footnote in our history being the scorer of the last minute winning goal in our FA Cup replay the Ayresome Park in 1975

With goalkeeper John Maskell playing the game of his life, It’s often argued that if the game had gone into extra time our team of plucky and talented part timers were running out of steam and may have succumbed to a heavy defeat. So, in a way, Armstrongs goal helped to ensure the Middlesbrough games became part of the chairboys folklore



  • 358 consecutive games for Boro between 1972 and 1980.

    Pretty much zero chance of anyone doing that in this day and age.

    Was a strange feeling when that goal went in. Sadness tinged with a slight feeling of relief. Don't think I've ever felt that way about an opposition goal before or since.


  • Well said on all fronts. The Wycombe ex players Association have just posted an excellent tribute on their Facebook site. Well worth a look

  • An excellent player.

  • I was at the Middlesbrough away game, just 16 years old. Absolutely gutted when David Armstrong scored the last minute winner, but realised later it was probably for the best. You don't get many loyal club men any more, David was a high quality player with a great left foot. RIP.

  • Applied for Wycombe job when John Gregory left. Would have been interesting.

  • 358 consecutive games for Boro between 1972 and 1980.


  • That game ,played in early January ,was the last competitive match we lost that season.

    hell of a team

  • I actually had to look that up it sounded so unlikely. Glad I did. That brought back some real memories (admittedly a disproportionate amount of them of sitting on a Jeffways coach in a traffic jam on the North Circular…). I think I must have seen all those games. What a season and what a way to finish it.

  • That brings back memories!

    We just about edged the league from Enfield on goal average(not difference ) clinching the title with a one nil win in our last game this season with a very late winner. Tension, nothing changes watching Wycombe !

    We also won the Berks and Bucks cup final , a big deal in those days. However we were subsequently thrown out of the competition for refusing to accept the trophy which we did as a protest for The B and B refusing us permission to play in the very prestigious London senior cup. Different days!

  • B&B final at Chesham as I recall?

    "We want to play in the London Senior Cup" was the chant for a good 5-10minutes.

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