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Man of the Match - Barnsley (A)

Some great performances today.

  1. Who is your Man of the Match for Barnsley (A)?81 votes
    1. Did Not See/Abstain
    2. Stryjek
    3. Grimmer
    4. Forino
    5. Mawson
    6. Obita
    7. Scowen
    8. Gape
    9. Wing
    10. McLeary
    11. Mehmeti
    12. Wheeler
    13. Freeman (sub)
    14. Al-Hamadi (sub)
    15. Other sub (specify)


  • Shifts put in all round, Scowen, McCleary, Mehmeti, Gape, Mawson all up there. Goalie looks very good though and that relaxes everyone, clean sheet on debut, couple of great saves, tidy all round, bought into the erm "time management', can't ask for more today.

  • I nearly went for Freeman again, but that was the best Scowen performance I can remember. Absolutely sublime.

  • McLeary. After my comments post Bolton he’s been rejuvenated (IMO) and was excellent today. So many good performances though, especially second half.

    Stryjek was very good but everything he did I would want out first choice ‘keeper to be able to do. Very positive debut.

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    yeah, I was leaning towards Mehmeti for some time, but the quality of scrapping by Scowen was just too good.

    Great debut from Stryjek. Mawson, McCleary and Gape also standouts as has also been mentioned, and to be fair to Wheeler he put in a hell of a shift in a somewhat thankless role, but generally a very good team performance.

    *edit: and how the hell did I miss...

    Nick Freeman. What a belter.

  • If Max hadn't pulled off that fantastic save from Barnsley's first set-piece of the match, it might have been a different story, so he gets my vote.

  • I dare say this will become a theme, but Mawson for me.

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    Great team performance today

    Stryjek made some really good saves especially early on & that seemed to settle the defence down,

    good to see Grimmer back to the level we normally expect after some poor performances,

    Obita defended well today & added some good passes & crosses,

    Forino was very solid & seemed to take confidence from Stryjek,

    Mawson was imperious & hardly put a foot wrong,

    Gape scoring a worldie was worth the Wanderers TV fee on its own,

    Scowen was at his best scrapping for everything & winding them up wonderfully,

    Wing was ok but still looks slightly short of fitness,

    McCleary was almost back to the level of last seasons purple patch,

    Mehmeti just oozes class but needs to remember simpple is often best, Wheeler worked his socks off against some big defenders,

    Freeman again looked a silky cultured footballer in his cameo & his goal was a thing of beauty,

    Al-Hamadi was unlucky not to get a goal & showed that strikers hunger when he pushed Wing aside to get his shot off.

    I think this provides some degree of vindication to GA and shows what a goos squad we have even when we have a fair few automatic first teamers out with injury.

    P.S. voted for Scowen

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    I voted for Gape. I thought he played brilliantly anyway but his goal just nudges him ahead of his midfield partner in crime Josh Scowen

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    So many superb performances. Scowen was …….well, just Scowen (and then some). Gape came out of the blocks at incredible speed at the start of the second half, his little legs going like the clappers. Then, later on, the quickness of thought, the reaction and the execution for that Worldie of a goal was the icing on the cake. And the guy’s barely played enough this season to be fully match fit !

    Having said all that, it has to be Stryjek for me. His sheer presence, his brilliant save early in the first half and his all round competence engendered an unbelievable feeling of relief. That’s something very rare.

  • Went for Gape, but almost had to abstain for so many great performances! Obita had a sneakily good game too - hard to win votes from the fullback position, but I thought he was impeccable both ways.

    Surprised no votes for Mehmeti. Missed a sitter but scored a nice goal and gave Barnsley twisted blood.

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    We all love JJ, but Obita should be the starter more weeks than not in a back 4.


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    Not heard that expression before @Shev.. Twisted blood. Is it the same as “turned them inside out “? With all his twisting and turning.

  • Scowen was incredible today, what a player

  • Yes - I thought it was from that side of the pond, as I think my Dad (the British/Irish side of my family) uses it.

  • Scowen really is something else too. It is a rare game he is not up there among our best performers.

  • Mawson/Taf - Scowen - Vokes.

    You could certainly make a case that we have players who are up there with the best in the league in the 3 central departments.

  • I just had to go for freeman.... welcome home lad.... what a goal

  • Had to abstain this week as I couldn't watch the match. Family commitments/promises forbade me to listen to a lot of @bluntphil commentary as I had to pretend I was focussing on the aforementioned promises, (which I very much wasn't). Managed to listen to a lot of the 1st half but missed a lot of the 2nd. My lad & I jumped for joy when we heard the 2nd went in, only to find out it was the 3rd and we had missed the 2nd! We also missed the Mehmeti goal. As such it would be unfair to have a vote. Onwards and upwards. 🙄

  • Gape did have a fantastic game, and arguably deserves some of the credit for how well Scowen played as it gave Scowen confidence that his partner was there to mop up. But Scowen's passing today was just incredible - the number of times he threaded the ball through a sea of Barnsley players and picked out a team mate, it was like he was playing Horgan's role as well as his own and was perfection at both.

  • It was a toss up between the two for me.

    Not mad at Scowen getting the nod at all. I just thought the goal was so spectacular it deserved to make the difference

  • Scowen was unbelievable today and it feels wrong not to vote for him, but I went with Gape. He was nearly as good as Josh but the audacity (and skill) for the second goal and his leadership throughout meant that I went with him.

    Lots of honourable mentions though.

  • I really think Gape, Scowen and Curtis (when fit) have improved going forward so much. We can afford to play two of them without losing any attacking menace.

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