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Strictly Tony

Dear god…

✨ “The lure of the sequins and the call of the salsa has me swapping my battered old football boots for a set of #Strictly soft shoes” Tony Adams MBE adds new footwork to his arsenal of skills as the 11th celebrity contestant confirmed for 2022

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  • Everyone moans about the societal issues that social media causes, but to me there's two much bigger problem areas - reality TV shows that give airtime to members of the public who would debase themselves in any and every way just to get on TV, and reality TV shows that give airtime to former "celebrities" who would debase themselves in any and every way just to get back on TV.

    Any and all of this shit should be banned.

  • @drcongo when a programme like Big Brother which swilled about in it's own filth for years before disappearing up it's relentlessly, grim, vile, depressing bumhole on not one but two channels is being recommissioned, you know that popular culture is lots of people staring into the gutter rather than at the stars! When something proved too repulsive even for C5, you know it's time is over surely?

  • I'm sure i read recently it's coming back but i'm not sure on what channel not that i watch that crap anyway.

  • ITV2 or 3 or 4 I think @robin.

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    @drcongo I share your view of the banal nature of what is little better than exploitation car crash TV, but there is a simple solution - the off button on your TV, do yourself a favour and do as I do, dont watch.

    I do of course agree that there is a wider societal problem that is encapsulated by all these "reality" shows, they are predicated on the concept of winner takes all & that co-operation is generally to be frowned upon, all very neo-lib/con. Is there any wonder that the younger generations have little or no respect for others & scant amounts for themselves if they are fed the line that these shows represent the reality of how people behave...

    @Wendoverman I only watched the first series of Big Brother, which was a very interesting socialogical experiment masquerading as TV entertainement. The problem was when it was renewed for a second & subsequent seasons, as it really had nowhere to go other than up its own fundament; descending to ever more squalid depths of exploiting individuals venality.

  • There have been some hilarious moments on Big Brother over the years. You couldn't have scripted the David's dead farce from CBB17.

  • the off button on your TV, do yourself a favour and do as I do, dont watch.

    That only solves it for me, it's still out their rotting people's brains. Personally I don't even watch TV with adverts let alone shows with people "wanking for coins" as Charlie Brooker once described it.

  • To be fair, the celebrity bit aside I think the programmes on Saturday night are in the tradition of family entertainment and though not for me, I can see why they lumber on.

    The extra programmes they do to give C list presenters something to do grate with me,

    Whichever grisly D listers end up in the Jungle, I do find Ant and Dec to be witty and entertaining.

    The likes of TOWIE, Made in Chelsea and Love Island, are (in my opinion) appalling programmes by thickos for thickos which basically pay numbskulls a lot of money for nothing.

    (Other opinions are available...even in my own house!)

    Totally agree @Erroll_Sims when it began it was sold as some sort of experiment with 'normal people' and sort of fascinating but soon became a degrading spectacle of deliberate casting to cause division, stoke up controversy and fuel publicity. As Ricky Gervais pointed out 'The Office' could not work now as it was a parody of the 'real people' documentaries like Airport and The Cruise that existed before Jade Goody's massive (and to me) inexplicable success which meant every single person suddenly became media savvy and saw sticking a bottle up themselves on telly as a fantastic career move. The best thing to come out of it was the Charlie Brooker comedy series 'Dead Set' !

  • Wonder if the BBC will be brave enough to dress Adams as Shrek's Donkey in Musicals week.

    Used to enjoy Big Brother. Hard to believe now how unnasty Nasty Nick was in series one based on current Government levels of cheating.

    You can never unsee the Galloway/Lenska scene.

  • Gasroom Big Brother would be exceptional viewing

  • I wouldn't watch it...but I would be interested to read about it in the Metro the next day. 😊

  • I picture the Gasroom as being more like the programme 'The Circle'

  • Day 42 in the Big Brother house and while most of the housemates are still arguing about a possible plan B one of them has barricaded himself in the diary room and is shouting “Nathan Bishop is set to sign” through the keyhole .He’s being kept alive by slipping cheese and onion crisps under the door.

  • The Circle is the one ‘reality’ TV programme I have ever watched and enjoyed. I usually try and avoid anything labelled ‘celebrity’ but the nature of the format actually made the celebrity version a couple of years ago a quite interesting and enjoyable watch.

    And I agree with @YorkshireBlue - the Gasroom does feel a bit closer in spirit to that than any other.

    So my vote to stay this week is @Wanderers82 (all about the tactics…)

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    Far worst things for him to do on TV, if he wants to learn to dance, prance about with an almost certainly stunning and world class teacher whilst reminding the public he exists and not talking rubbish about football good luck to him.

    Could be worse, he could be eating elephant testicles whilst covered in spiders in a Welsh castle on ITV, or releasing all our best players.

  • Since it's posted on twitter, can I assume it's a joke and not to be taken seriously?

  • "Day 51 in the Big Brother house. Despite no access to the outside world for almost 2 months, the gasroomers are failing to agree on whether or not to listen to the classified scores on Radio 5."

  • Does "Hunted" count as reality TV. If so, that's about the only one I'll watch and it's brilliant.

  • I like Hunted as well, great program !

  • "Get out there knocking on doors, he's mugged you right off"

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