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I liked, and others on here will like, the Shakespeare reference and @ReturnToSenda will adore the statistical analysis


  • Top-quality content from a company I definitely don't work for 👀

  • That was a good read, thanks @OakwoodExile

  • "bumptious bit-parter Bayo Akinfenwa," ouch

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    “I come to bury Caesar, not to praise him” - Marc Anthony, Julie’s Caesar, GCE ‘O’ level, English Literature, June 1954.

    I loved it and still remember certain passages - particularly loved “why man, he doth bestride the narrow world like a colussus, whilst we petty men walk under his huge legs to find ourselves dishonourable graves.”

    That’s how we spoke in them days.

    PS Couldn’t resist leaving the autocorrect typo in the first paragraph.

  • @micra said

    >That’s how we spoke in them days.

    From there to rap in a single lifetime, who'd have believed.

  • You gotta believe, @Twizz.

  • I always smirk when a particular crowd is referred to as "knowledgeable", so attributing this characteristic to our now departed centre back certainly made me chuckle.

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    I’ve never heard of a crowd being described as knowledgeable @RuyLopez although, depending on the size of the crowd and the breadth and depth of knowledge required, there is bound to be a fair cross-section of knowledge on tap in most crowds.

    I must come clean at this point and admit that I haven’t yet got beyond the eye-catching Shakespeare-inspired headline in the piece posted by @OakwoodExile.

    Welcome aboard, incidentally. 14 ‘likes’ in your first week bodes very well.

  • Make that 15.

  • Based on pre-match fan analysis alone I think Bolton deserve the 3 points today. Superb.

  • Thank you for your warm welcome @micra. I've been reading this forum for some while now and glean most news about the club from here. With trepidation, I have taken the plunge to join. The characters on here scare me but I consider you the Father of the House so if you don't mind I'll stick with you. I'm just an average fan, not a season ticket holder, but watch enough games to know who's who.

  • Your very welcome @RuyLopez and you have absolutely no reason to feel trepidation.

    Yes, you probably could call me something like that. There is a wealth of knowledge amongst the Gasroomers - probably one of the best forums in the EFL - and certainly the most user-friendly websites, thanks to the efforts of @drcongo.

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    @micra ’father of the house’, absolutely, so when one is praised by the man then bathe in the reflection (cf: close quarters recognition), however, when chastised time to take a close look at oneself in the mirror.

  • Sorry @perfidious_albion. You’ve lost me there.

  • you’ve said more nice things and some stern things about my posts over the years than most on The Gasroom, I’ve treated each of those equally ‘never too high never too low’ as Gaz would have it.

  • I did wonder if it was me that needed chastising. I am the marmite of the Gasroom if the thumbing statistics are anything to go by. Your post worried me as I felt that you might be telling me to give my head a wobble (as seems to be a popular suggestion nowadays when someone is considered to have said or done something outrageous).

    Taking a close look at myself in the mirror is something I avoid as often as possible these days. There’s only one thing worse; looking at one’s selfie. I really don’t believe I look as ancient as that.

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