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Man of the Match - Burton (H)

Posting this a little early as I may lose signal. I am going to hazard a guess that a sub won't win, but please specify if you do vote for a sub other than Wing, thanks!

Who is your MOTM for Burton (H)?
  1. MOTM for Burton (H)86 votes
    1. Did not see/abstain
    2. Dickinson
    3. Grimmer
    4. Tafazolli
    5. Jacobson
    6. Wheeler
    7. Horgan
    8. Scowen
    9. Gape
    10. McLeary
    11. Mehmeti
    12. Vokes
    13. Wing (sub)
    14. Other sub (specify)


  • For me a toss up between Scowen, Horgan, Gape & Mehmeti though they all were superb

    Went for Scowen in the end for his goal but any one of those 4 deserved it.

  • I went for Mehmeti, but it was almost Horgan.

  • Mehmeti pure class.

  • Dickinson for trolling, Mehmeti was wonderful first half, McCleary everywhere.

  • I refuse to say who was Man of the Match for Burton. They were very poor. Johnny Smith, one of their subs, looked quick, tricky and direct but there was no end product.

    I agree with @Erroll_Sims’ Chosen Four but will vote for Daryl Horgan, the future maths teacher, as he’ll probably have fewer votes than the other three in the course of the season. If he stays fit, Mehmeti will probably be in the leading pack but, given the strength of so many clubs in this League, Chris Forino, superb on commentary today, will probably also be up there amongst the front runners.

    One interesting aspect of today’s game was that we didn’t depend as much on Josh Scowen as we often did last season.

    Wow, have now seen Mehmeti’s score.

  • Come clean which sub you voted for, whoever you are. That’s a strange one.

  • Wheeler for me.

    A player I often wonder how he really fits into our style, but a goal and tonnes of interceptions, balls won in the air and just generally strong today.

    If I were Mccarthy I'd be a little worried.

  • If Mehmeti plays like that every game we're going to struggle to keep hold of him !

  • Went Mehmeti, but Wheeler was fantastic today.

  • Mehmeti took it for me just because it looked like something dangerous might happen most times he went forward.

    But a great team performance in general, and I’d give special mention to Horgan, Wheeler, Gape and Scowen. Happy that Dickinson got the “real” MotM award, and that debut must have been a good confidence boost for him.

  • Scowen.

    The poll should simply be called The Josh Scowen Man of the Match Award. Or a poll called ‘excluding Josh Scowen who was your man of the match’ in which case Mehmeti

  • I voted for Wheeler. Very disciplined and not much got past or over him. Gape, Mehmeti, Taffs and Horgan also had good games. Mellor looks useful too. Good start. 7/10

  • Happy for Dickinson, but don't understand how anyone could think he our star performer.

  • Sometimes sport is not about the result, the stats or the obvious star performers. Even in a team sport every player has their own story. Some of the horrible crap written on here and social media this week has dismissed a decent professional without even having the decency to mention his name.

    He wasn’t the best player on the pitch today. He did though gain the most from the day in my opinion and for that was a worthy sponsors man of the match.

  • Exactly this. Winning 3-0 with your own keeper man of the match would almost give some sort of impression that we were fortunate to see that scoreline, or that it was some sort of distortion of the flow of the game.

    When it was absolutely anything but that.

  • Is it hard to understand? A great memento for a kid on his debut, especially given the circumstances. Whether that's his lot in league football, or he goes on to play for England, it'll always be a reminder of a special day for him.

  • edited July 2022

    Interesting takes thanks. I genuinely thought MOTM was for star performer. I was not fretting about the Bishop saga and assumed Tyla would be fine.

  • Scowen for me

  • edited July 2022

    Having said that, I now remember McCarthy being given it to troll Portsmouth last season, so there is indeed precedent for it being an "occasion" award.

  • There was one lofted ball from Gape that almost put Scowen through, and it brought back memories of us lashing Wrexham 5-2 about 20 years ago (wow 20 years!!) when Bulman was put through to wrap it all up.

    I had to check later, but that was just the first home game of the season , not the opening game all in.

  • Tyla Dickinson must have felt under tremendous pressure coming into the match today, even if he hasn’t read a single one of the thousands of words on the Nathan Bishop thread implying that, if we had to rely on him, we were in trouble. I think, @Malone, it reflects commendable psychological insight and empathy on the part of the sponsors to acknowledge a sound performance by a young guy making his debut in front of probably the biggest crowd he’d ever played in front of and against a background of implied inadequacy.

    Not a star performance. Of course not, but a perfectly sound one and, personally, I think he deserved the confidence-building recognition.

  • Kinda wanted to vote for @micra today.

  • Anis all day long ; he is premiership class , he is now stronger to add to his skill and pace

  • I was quite happy for Dickinson to get it for all the reasons given above. The terrace gave him some admirable backing I thought.

  • What was it you said about spelling?

  • Wheeler for me Grimmer, Scowen, Gape, Mehmeti and Horgan all ran him close

  • Wheels for me.

  • I think it's still awarded by the match sponsor, who wasn't even a Wycombe fan the day I was in there to see it. Think it goes to whoever they want to meet to hand it over.

    With all the fuss about him supposedly not being up to it and what that might have done to the score if true then a competent and mostly tidy performance meant a lot all round, he gets it for top performance if not "best player" and why not.

  • Went for Scowen but Horgan had one of his best games I've witnessed personally. He was like a terrier, won possession countless times. Shame he is in such a "subbable" position. I hope he doesn't get disgruntled at his lack of 90 mins.

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