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An Interesting Listen

edited July 2022 in Football

I have recently found a new podcast on the BBC Sound site where they have followed / interviewed / has a Mic the managers of Rotherham United & Oxford and the way that they go about managing their sides.

Before you listen, there is strong language so it's prob not suitable for under 18's.


  • Confirms everything you instinctively thought about ‘Carl lad’ and some. Unbelievable.

  • Odd series really, on the face of it it's just too long but you go through it being exciting at the start, wondering why they allow it, to seeing both managers as grandstanding and boring cliche recyclers to the point of not caring, and then just as I was about to give up I found the latest families episode quite insightful.

    Karl is obviously a bit of a joke though, very high opinion of himself, who employs a full time psychologist at a L1 club only to disagree with everything they say as you clearly know better?

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