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Bristol Rovers...

.....just when you thought they couldn't take the piss anymore they do this


  • However they have six category C games were the ticket prices are £10 and £15 respectively.

    We are category B and will be charged £22 for the terrace or £25 for the marquee seating. Still shocking!

  • My last visit to Rovers was a tiresome affair, refused entry to various pubs for various weird reasons and ended up far too close to the Pied Piper of Wycombe with his coterie of wannabee thug children. Only some of this is Bristol’s fault but I might just give it a miss this time around.

  • Horse-punching scum

  • @Ed_ Pied Piper of Wycombe was always known as Fagin wasn’t he?

  • It should be made illegal having these "tier" prices.

  • Fine to have “tier” prices for the occasional home supporter who may be attracted to seeing a “higher profile visiting team”. But to penalise the supporters of the visiting team all of whom see the same opposition by tier prices is just wrong.

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