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Academia Involvement

Interested to see that Andy Harman and his company are back in the fold so to speak. He was obviously heavily touted with the takeover so I having him inside the tent for the future might be interesting. Long term sponsorship? Further development of youth programs? Other?


  • Maybe he and the Ex Palace CEO will run the club day to day and let Pete return to his family Stateside?

  • I would imagine Andrew Howard will have taken a step back, before Mr Harman gets involved more structurally.

  • From what I have heard, historically those two are like Feral tom cats. For that reason I can't see those guys working well together. 🤔

  • Piss everywhere.

  • edited July 2022

    My first visit to a thread whose title sounded like it was going to be another of those invitations from academic students to contribute to their research. On a day with little attractive or uplifting activity on the Gasroom, I thought I’d have a peek.

    Neither attractive nor uplifting. Just about worth a flying visit for a characteristic piece of Wendoverian wit, I suppose, but otherwise ‘nothing to see here’.

    The suggestion of potential involvement of Andy Harman raises uncomfortable memories of those mind-numbing exchanges involving @NiceCarrots and @marlowchair.

    Regrettably retrograde.

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