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Samaritans Score Prediction contest 2022/23

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Can't believe its less than two weeks until the new season starts..............

Assuming there is support, I will again run the charity fundraising score prediction contest for another season.

I request a donation of at least £10 be made at the following link

I have again chosen my local branch of the Samaritans as beneficiary as I know the difference our donations make to them. Just a reminder that calls are distributed nationally to the first available branch so it may well be that they are currently offering confidential non-judgemental support to a High Wycombe person in trouble and in desperate need of someone to talk to. Your donation pays directly for that branch's lighting, phone bills, heating, council tax, boiler repair etc. etc. and hence allows them to be there if you or your mate needs to make a call tomorrow.

Rules are unchanged as I cant be arsed to redo the spreadsheet. Summary is here but again just predict the score and I'll do the rest.

First up is Burton (h). Predictions here please.



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    Thanks Dev. Donation completed and looking forward to the season!

  • All paid, and with the honour of making the first prediction of the season...

    Blues 2 Brewers 1

  • If the magic has worked I have donated.

    My prediction is 2-0 to revitalised and renewed Blues.

  • Wycombe 4 Burton 2

  • Wycombe 3 - 1 Burton

  • Wycombe 2 - 1 Burton

  • Wycombe 2 - Burton 1

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    Sorry @DevC, I’ve spent more than an hour trying to donate. PayPal can be an absolute nightmare and has been today. Hassle over password initially. Then, as invited, tried via App. Wouldn’t accept my name! Said in red - “letters and spaces only”. Then the ‘not a robot’ stuff where it’s virtually impossible on an iPhone to identify the specified items. After about a dozen grids, I gave up.

    Debit card procedure went ok until the name boxes. Same message in red.

    So I’m afraid I’ve not paid yet. I’ll be trying again in due course to do so but in the meantime I’d like to go for an optimistic:

    Blues 3 Brewers 1

    Thanks for all your efforts.

  • Just donated

    Wycombe 2 Brewers 0

  • Thanks for putting this on @DevC. I have just donated to your good cause.

    Optimistic as ever I go - Wycombe 4 Burton 1

  • Donation now done too.

  • 3-0 to the Chairboys. “We are top of the league”

    off to donate now.

  • Wycombe 0 - 2 Burton

    (And thanks as always @DevC. will confirm when I’ve sorted the donation)

  • Thanks to all those who have donated so far. Those funds genuinely do make a massive difference to the branch and its ability to be there when callers need someone to talk to. Still plenty of room for more entrants.

    Wyc 2 Burton 0

  • Done.

    Wycombe 2 Burton 2

  • I'm going Wycombe 2-0 Burton I have not donated yet but I will when I get paid end of month. I would like to be included in the competition again this year!

  • I’ll have another stab at donating tomorrow.

  • Thanks @Alexo and @micra

    Still room for more.....

  • Thanks for putting this on again @DevC.

    I'm all paid up....

    Wycombe 1-0 Burton please

  • Am in.

    Wycombe 3 Burton 2

  • All paid up and raring to go. Thanks for organising @DevC.

    Lets start with a healthy Wycombe 2 Burton 0

  • All paid up

    2-0 to the Blues tomorrow

  • Tried to pay a couple of times but after putting my card details in it just goes to a white page with just giving at the top. Will try again later.

    Sadie will be doing all the picking again.

    Wycombe 2-1 Burton


  • I had one or two trials and tribulations but finally managed to complete the donation just now.

    in case anyone else gets the “letters only, no spaces” message in red, the solution is to actually tap on ‘first name’ and ‘second name’ above the boxes before entering details. A strange quirk.

  • Thanks @DevC, I really enjoyed this last season and delighted to donate to a very important charity.

    Wycombe 3-1 Burton


  • I've been waiting to see what the status was regarding a GK...

    but since we're still none the wiser - which for the gasroom collective means we pretty well still know next to nothing [I was going to say f**f all] - I've gone for (a) Burton

    Wycombe 1 - 2 Burton

  • 1-0. donated

  • thanks, @DevC All paid up in an excellent cause. Wycombe Wanderers 2 (Tafazolli, Mellor) vs Burton Albion 1 (Mousinho)

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