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Tour de France

Any other cycling fans on here?



  • Sat watching it now. Great stage over the cobbles!!

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    I caught the end but was out when it all exploded 🤦

  • Also, word of appreciation for Gary Imlach - best sports presenter in the business imo

  • 🙋‍♂️

  • If you haven’t read it his book ‘My Father and other Working-class Heroes’ is an excellent insight into professional football before the abolishing of the ‘maximum wage’.

  • Not often I totally agree with Mr Albion but this book is a must for any football fan.

  • Love it. ITV coverage is top class. Eurosport decent too but you don’t turn your back on Gary Imlach’s rare appearances on the tv.

    I also recommend Ned Boulting, David Millar and Pete Kennaugh‘s TDF podcast (Never Strays Car), which effectively replaces the old ITV Cycling podcast. A great mix of analysis, bizarre stories and just random chit chat.

  • My best ever bet was a £10 each way on Carapaz in the 2019 Giro.

  • I love Wout van Aert, but going for the full yellow skinsuit this early in the race is unacceptable imo

  • Pogacar looking imperious already

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    Indeed. I think it's over already barring something dramatic befalling him - especially with Roglič having a mare yesterday.

  • That’s a good book. As I recall his Dad won the FA Cup with Forest in 1959 and was then ‘let go’ a year later.

  • Love the Tour, was hoping to go over in 2020 before the Pandemic hit! Shame Cav was not fit enough or deemed fit enough to race this year. It looks like a one horse race at the minute but I'm interested to see how Geraint comes back and whether Pidcock could really be one for the future.

    Gary Imlach is one of the best presenters in Sport, if not the best. I hadn't heard of his book, so just ordered it and I'm going to check that podcast out, so thanks very much for the tips!

    What a wonderful place the gasroom is! Paul Lewis should be in the top 5 Hall of Fame for starting Chairboys on the Net. Good time to thank Dr C and anyone else who keeps this running, thank you.

  • Yes his dad painted the stands at Forest in the summer to up his ‘off season’ half pay. Different times, now clubs get volunteers to do the painting😉

  • Not sure very many other clubs at our level and above have volunteers doing painting, gardening, seat cleaning etc. This is a very special club and we are truly blessed.😄

  • There is a story, I think in the book, that England international Tom Finney was a plumber by trade and spent one summer refitting the bathroom of the Preston owner. (Or something like that!)

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    yes included in a ‘Picture Post’ article from 1946, which I don’t seem to be able to attach here sadly.

  • What a crazy finish

  • I do love it when a breakaway (almost) leads to a change in yellow

  • Cracking stage yesterday, surprised UAE didn;t give up the yellow heading into two tough stages. However, I'm not sure it's in the DNA to give up the yellow jersey, even though it might tactically be better to do so!

  • So Pogacar is human after all, he cracked on the final ascent admittedly with no support and lost over 3 minutes to Vingegard

  • Amazing race yesterday, was thinking of posting something but then didn't want to put any spoilers out for those who may have not watched it and were waiting for the highlights in the evening.

    Geraint nicely placed and doing his thing. I also belive Adam Yates may get stronger as the race goes on and could be an outside bet. Massive day today up Alpe D'Huez and every chance that Vingegaard and Pogacar took too much out of themselves yesterday and might open the door for one of the other top 7 who rode a more controlled race yesterday to gain some time back or even do something special.

  • Absolutely, one of the great stages in recent memory yesterday. Also agree, please no spoilers until 9pm at least!

  • Alpe d'Huez today. Visually one of the best stages for sure. I will see if any of the riders threaten my Zwift time*

    *which they will if they stop for a 3 course meal with pairing wine

  • Not sure how I only just realised Tom Pidcock is the guy who won gold in mountain biking at last year's Olympics - going well today!

  • Pidcock is a freak. He had / has the option to chose between 3 disciplines and could probably be world champion in all of them.

    Extraordinary athlete

  • He is an exceptional talent and current mountain bike world champ.

    Today was a truly awesome performance and it was good to see him win.

    Also noteworthy was Thomas's performance in sticking with Vingegard & Pogacar albeit the former still holds a 2min 30 second lead over the other 2

  • I assume we're all caught up by now! Could be a very interesting final week with Vindegaard having lost two key teammates in Roglič and Kruijswijk. Will Jumbo make Van Aert rein it in to support when he's well on course for green? Unlikely.

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