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International Breaks 2022/23

These weekends are set as FIFA international breaks for the 2022-23 season:

  • September 24, 2022
  • November 13-December 25, 2022 (World Cup)
  • March 25, 2023

The World Cup dates should not cause us an issue but the others could.


  • Both away weekends for Wycombe.

  • Darn, that March one is Charlton which looked a good slot for a family trip.

    Instead will probably only be confirmed it's on about 10 days absolute maximum pre game.

  • At least Charlton is very doable midweek

  • Not from Leicester. We don't all live in Wycombe, you know.

  • In fairness it's not that great midweek is it? Other end of London a bit of a slog.

  • was only saying the same thing about getting to the O2 yesterday.

  • Whoops! Thought your comment was made today, @Right_in_the_Middle. Didn’t see you as a Billy Eilish fan (O2 26 June). Assume you saw Diana Ross. Thought she was OK last night at Glastonbury but, like ‘Macca’ on Saturday, struggling a little with pitch and timing, not quite hitting the right notes. But very nostalgic and emotional.

    About 35 years ago we had a young French girl staying here. One evening I was playing a few LPs and, in her heavily accented English she said what I thought was “you have generous?” Puzzled, I had to ask her to repeat the question a couple of times. Getting frustrated, she said “I know you have generous “. I’m starting to think I’ve got my work cut out with this one. Kind sentiment but grammar and syntax all over the shop! Eventually, I realised she was saying dianaross.

    Billie Eilish was a bit of an unknown quantity to me and mrs micra and, in the early stages of her performance, we looked at one another with “don’t think much of that” looks. mrs micra went to read in another room. I left the TV on but at low volume and without taking much notice. But, gradually, I was drawn in. Billy had the audience in the palm of her hands. Overall, listening the following day to the latter stages of her performance, we thought hers was right up there with the very best.

  • edited June 27

    I thought Miss Ross was diabololical...and even the BBC in their highlights package this morning struggled to find a non-Cat strangling clip. As for the Macca....loud music, lots of world tour practice and familiarity gets him through. Not bad for an 80 year old though. She should have done a Dolly and mimed the singing bits in between the homely chats with the audience!

  • I thought Billy Eilish was excellent and Macca was unbelievable for an 80 year old. I'd recommend the IDLES set.

  • Never thought Macca could sing by Miss Ross used to be able to. Boy did those backing singers cover up some cracks.

  • edited June 27

    Bold words about one of the greats of popular music @Right_in_the_Middle I think he struggles (as any 80 year old would) to match the height of his powers as a 21 year old, I think not being able to sing is a bit wide of the mark. I love Motown, but always found Diana Ross a bit reedy for my liking even before she started throwing out bum notes like empty beer bottles yesterday! ☺️

    (I saw the Maccaroon at the O2 the day of the Southend final and the thrill of it all (for me being born in the 60s) made up for the disappointment of not being at Wembley to experience the disappointment.)

    The one I really think should stop as he now appears to be a Vic Reeves club singer parody when he belts them out is Sir Elton Tracksuit.

  • Not so great now, that's to be expected, but Macca over the years has been one of the great vocalists. Able to switch from a slow ballad to a full throttle rocker in an instant. Nothing but respect for the guy, have been a Beatles fan since the age of 7.

  • Thought Macca was brilliant tbh, it's the back catalogue (and some help from his friends) that gets him through and big sprawling concerts aren't supposed to sound like CDs.

    Ross was better than she was at the Jubilee thing but still pretty bad, the legend bits with full crowd singing are a nice touch if you give them a bit of license.

  • McCartney is basically the King of Music.

  • I was born in the early 60s with an older sister and teenage uncles...The Beatles more or less part of that generation's DNA, I reckon.

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