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League Cup Draw

Northampton away


  • Cobblers!

  • No it's true!

  • Nice chance to reunite with Diving Danny.

  • He'll be hoping it doesn't go to penalties.

  • First time back there since the league 2 play off season? Mawson scoring late on to give us a game away at Plymouth instead of facing Stevenage, fans on the hill as it was sold out etc?

    While a whole massive stand was empty as under development, despite Northampton being in debt?

    Not sure how many of those memories are accurate!

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    Northampton and us have this weird thing lately where we avoid being in the same division:

    2017/18: We get promoted to L1, Northampton get relegated the other way to L2.

    2018/19: We stay in L1, they stay in L2.

    2019/20: We get promoted to the Championship by winning the playoffs, they get promoted to L1 by winning the playoffs.

    2020/21: We get relegated back to L1 after coming 22nd, they get relegated back to L2 after coming 22nd.

    2021/22: We miss out on promotion in the playoffs, they miss out on promotion in the playoffs (and after missing out on automatics by Scunthorpe playing the kids).

    There must be some kind of gentleman's agreement to never inhabit the same division again.

  • Why is there a Northampton, Southampton and Easthampton in England but no Westhampton? 🤔

  • Council grant to build the stand, thems in charge found to have nicked the money, claimed to have no idea where it went when the contractors starting asking for it. All ended up in court, stand stood like that for years I think.

  • I feel like old boys of the other side usually feature in the equation whenever we play these, but since NTFC released Harriman, and the Beast retired, this’ll be the first time in a while where (I think?) that will no longer be the case.

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