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2022/23 Prediction Competition - King of the Mountains

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Good afternoon :)

As an extension to my dad's prediction contest, I thought I'd run my own summertime version which I am calling the King of the Mountains to match the Tour de Season xD

Because dad's contest doesn't work super awesomely when games sell out my contest is aimed at guessing the 🌟 highest 🌟attendances of the year well in advance.


  • I want to know which 5 Wycombe home games you think will get the 5 highest total attendances over the whole season and which 5 Wycombe away games you think will get the 5 highest total attendances over the whole season. I also want to know which Wycombe home and away games you think will get the highest attendance in each calendar month
  • You'll get a point for each game in your top 5s that appears in the real top 5 come the end of the season and a bonus 5 points if you have the same five games. You'll also get a point for each of the two matches each month that you pick correctly
  • If there's a tie at the end of the season, the winner will be the person whose top 5 is closest to the correct order - starting with the home games and then the away ones
  • Only the league games count (any visits to Wembley might skew things ever so slightly...)
  • Games count for the month in which they're actually played , so if you wanna predict who's gonna have a cup run this year have at it!
  • For the purposes of this competition , July 2022 will count as part of August and May 2023 will count as part of April.
  • Deadline for entries will be kick off for the first game of the season

will take you to the club's fixture calendar

and with that happy predicting :) :) :)


  • 5 highest attendances Home games - Oxford, Bristol Rovers, Derby, Sheffield Wednesday, Ipswich

    5 highest attendances Away games - Sheffield Wednesday, Derby, Ipswich, Bolton, Charlton

    Highest attendance in August - Charlton (H) and Bolton (A)

    Highest attendance in September - Port Vale (H) and Sheff Weds (A)

    Highest attendance in October - Plymouth (H) and MK Dons (A)

    Highest attendance in November - Cheltenham (A) and home N/A

    Highest attendance in December - Ipswich (H) and Plymouth (A)

    Highest attendance in January - Oxford (H) and Bristol Rovers (A)

    Highest attendance in February - Derby (H) and Shrewsbury (A)

    Highest attendance in March - Barnsley (H) and Charlton (A)

    Highest attendance in April - MK Dons (H) and Portsmouth (A)

  • I'm sure all the Derby fans will appreciate your confidence in their clubs survival @DJWYC14!

  • Do we know yet which games half of Spain are planning to come over for?

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