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  • I know nothing about him, but he sounds like an exciting young signing.

  • When we are all hoping it's a GK to replace stocko.... A striker to replace bayo or a CB to replace Stewart..... And we get a young midfielder.... 🤷🤣

    Of course I'm only messing! If they see young talent they have to grab it!

    Welcome on board jasper!


  • Excellent news. Never heard of him, but that's the kind of signing I like.

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    "I wanna make your experience memorable"

    Am I being too cynical or has he been told to slip that in? Doesn't sound very natural, and what with 'matchday experience' blah blah blah.

  • No facts to support him being an exciting prospect but I am excited about him being an exciting prospect. Our midfield is looking strong already with a good combination of youth and experience in there.

  • He was young player of the season at Worthing last term in a team that romped the league - huge step up to L1 of course, I thought he interviewed well, seems more intelligent than your average 'baller.

  • Not really, just came across as an enthusiastic, energetic character in that short clip, nothing to be cynical about. Reminded me of a young Luke O'Nien when he first joined us a little bit

  • Here's hoping he's another Anis

  • That’s exactly what I thought, articulate and bubbly character-if his football matches his personality he’ll be a good signing.

  • A young Luke or Anis would be just dandy!

  • Sounds like he had an excellent year last season and has been noticed by Sam. Lets hope that he's given a chance to shine.

    Does Wheeler & Freeman need to start worrying about their opportunities or will Jasper mainly be in the Dev / Pizza trophy squads?

  • Watched the full interview sounds like a very determined personality supposedly a direct playing style think he should do ok with that mentality. Although have strength in midfield so will be hard to break through.

  • Yeah, we're absolutely stacked in MF

  • Born in 2002! I saw it and thought it was an error, I'm feeling my age!

  • To carry on @ReturnToSenda's earlier football manager reference, his name sounds like an FM regen.

    Good first interview.

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    I can't find the tweet now, but it threw up a Scottish regen called Scott Scott the other day. To go with Harry Potter and - my personal favourite - Lucky Shittu.

  • Freeman offers a couple of attacking options and can also fill in at wing back, I'm a big fan and hope he can hit the ground running this season after a crappy last 12 months. Wheeler is Mr Reliable and I hope he is happy with being Mr Reliable. He might be used in a more target role this season alongside Vokes as we have no Bayo option and Wheeler is a ridiculously good player in the air.

  • We are always stacked/blessed in midfield...which is odd as they are so often by-passed. 😊

    Fingers crossed for another 'proven' striker, but even if we don't get one next season is going to be very interesting.

  • I foresee many, many gasroom misspellings of this lad's name in future.

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    @TheAndyGrahamFanClub Please don't get me wrong, I really like Wheeler with his the energy, determination and adaptability in the team but I can't see him as a striker, I believe we'll have someone else coming in (hopefully quite soon). I also really like Freeman, based on his story and his work ethic to always want to get better and do whatever he can for the team. If we don't sign another Centre Back, then Freeman might be re-trained as a right-back and convert either Grimmer or McCarthy as our covering option in the middle of the back 4?

    However, with the increasing number of midfielders that we have in the squad and all of them in their prime, they will all want as many minutes as possible and I have a feeling that it'll be either Wheeler or Freeman or both of them that will become unhappy being named in the squad as a Sub and watching the 60 - 90 minutes of games pass them by without getting (in their minds) a fair opportunity. Same could be said for our Centre Midfielders, if we have Gape, Thompson, Wing and Scowen all fit, GA is going to have his hands full trying to give them all the same opportunities.

    I can see a situation happening that happened last year with Kasket and Samuel where they will be offered any opportunity for more minutes somewhere else and could ask GA to release them from their contract to follow their wishes for more football.

  • That is a realistic possibility, but by then the better options will hopefully have shown themselves. Competition for places is what is going to push us towards the top of the league. The players that can come on for 15 minutes and have a real impact are extremely important.

  • A superb surname to ensure the fine tradition of ensuring a year's worth of spelling it incorrectly.

    As seen with Alllsoppp, Patterson, Kashkett, Samuels and no doubt a few others.

  • Not advocating he starts as a striker but if you need an aerial option with 20 mins on the clock he can do that role as well as others. Same for freeman I don’t see him as a number 1 right wing back but again if he can slot into a role to cover then all better. Both players can play a very effective free role behind the striker. What our favoured formation is for the year ahead will dictate how much game time they get of course.

  • Wheeler had a couple of games as the main target man in the Championship, didn't he? I didn't feel that he really impressed in that role but i do feel that he can add great value as an option as more of a 'wide' target man.

    For me, his strength is his spring, movement and timing and therefore could win a lot of balls when he is attacking them from an angle. If you put him in the middle, i suspect that a big centre back would just come through him every time and win the ball.

    Bayo on the other hand was the exact opposite (in so many ways)

  • Yeah, Wheels has been pretty ineffective in the middle up front. I hope we build a squad that means we don't have to do that any more.

  • Can't believe we have gone backwards and re-signed someone who left us for Harrogate.

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  • Pretty sure this is the first Jasper to play for the Wanderers.

  • Great pub quiz question.

    Jasper Ole-Pétanque-Pétanque-Biscuit-Barrel played one game for North Town Wanderers on being sent down from Oxford at the Michaelmas Term in the 1876-77 season. Was eaten by a lion in India some years later.

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