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The Bayo Effect

Losing Bayo was something we all knew was going to happen, but it still hurt when it did. And the way we feel is the way his friends and team mates feel too. Going into that dressing room when you have that guy in there encouraging and supporting you must have been a joy. When your backs were against the wall he was the guy that we all looked towards.

So losing some of his closest friends is now somewhat inevitable. The dressing room is not the place it once was and a deal on the table is exactly that. Before it was a deal plus the chance to work with that guy that makes your day a little better.

Recruitment of young players will also be that bit harder. Wycombe Wanderers? Oh the club where Bayo plays? Sure I'm interested. Let's face it that's why we got Eze. Now we are just Wycombe Wanderers. I hope young players can be sold Gaz, Dobbo and the rest of the team without the Bayo effect.


  • I think you've done an almighty disservice to Gaz and Dobbo there

  • Sounds pretty reasonable to me. Bayo was a big character and it’s a massive loss not to have him around any more both on and off the pitch.

    It doesn’t mean we won’t adapt and grow now he’s gone, but it won’t necessarily be easy.

  • It seemed like an inclusive dressing room and Bayo’s social media presence gave much more insight than we’ve had before, but I think new dynamics will take shape. We still have some great experienced leaders such as Wheeler, Horgan and Vokes.

  • It will be different but maybe, just maybe, that’s a good thing. The old order had probably taken us as far (further even) as it could. New squad, new vibe, new playing style(?). Let’s see.

  • It does feel a little bit like changing of the guard. While JJ and Blooms were the captains on the pitch, it does have the impression that most of the players were drawn to Bayo (it might have been due to his gravitational pull?!) to seek encouragement and positivity from his personality. It'll be interesting to see how the squad handles this hole in the squad but only time will tell.

    However, Gareth and Dobbo are able to pick a diamond out of the rough. They have managed this again and again and this started with Mawson & Fred and this has gone onto players like Kashket, Samuel, Forno, Mehmti.

  • My God, we only got players because of Bayo now?

    Lucky, Gaz didn't listen to that Gasroomer who loved him but wanted him out a couple of seasons ago then.

    He is a footballing icon for the EFL, a great loss to the club, players and the fans on a personal level, less of a loss on the field I suppose, given his smaller number of appearances last season. The Management have a track record of mixing up age with youth...I've no doubt they will give it a good go again.

    Bayo, Stockdale, Stewart and co have all given us a fantastic base to build from...and it is building from it that is important. I would be happy for a pay as you play for a possibly crocked Mawson (who wouldn't) but we do need to look forward as well.

  • Now I know it's the off season, and we're all looking for reasons to shout at each other, but at no point did the original post say or even imply that "we only got players because of Bayo". It mentioned that being a factor, which it obviously would be. How that can get a bunch of downvotes and twisted knickers I have no idea.

  • 'How that can get a bunch of downvotes and twisted knickers I have no idea?'

    Are you new here @drcongo ?😊

  • I haven't got twisted knickers on my screen. How do I get access to them and what do they mean?

  • Hang on, is this thread suggesting Stewart and Stockdale have chosen to leave because Bayo has?

    Just 😅

    Nothing to do with getting much higher wads / longer deals at either closer or bigger teams, or both in Stockdale's case!

  • I was merely suggesting that in your workplace if your best mate left your workplace becomes a slightly less appealing place. And money is only one factor when you come to work.

    Sorry if this upset people

  • oMg iMaGine suGGesTIng wE WiLL sTaRT thE seASon wITh nO pLayERS beCAuSe BaYO hAS leFT

  • Nobody is really getting upset are they? For the record I wasn't...even though I took the Lord's name in vain.

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    Mildly bemused is more the feeling I'd suggest.

    As romantic as we like to think footy is, all mates in together, and Gaz has certainly cultivated one of the better footy environments out there, you won't often get players putting their career to one side cos their mate is at the same team!

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