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Diana Cooke

Morning everyone,

I don't know if anyone on here knew Diana Cooke, but I heard from my dad that she sadly passed away in May and her funeral was held yesterday in Chalfont St Peter.

She followed the Blues home and away with her daughter Victoria and although I didn't know her very well, I occasionally had the pleasure of chatting to her and she was always very warm and good-humoured, even after a dismal away defeat.

I understand Diana's family have nominated Wycombe Homeless Connection, should anyone wish to make a donation in her memory.


  • Thank you Jonny.

    I did know Diana, a legacy Member of the Trust, as she came along when her husband and daughter volunteered to help paint the black and gold gates at AP which formerly stood at Loakes Park.

    Have passed this information to the Trust's membership secretary.

  • I knew Diana through her daughter - she was a very impressive and singular person, with a strong character. She was involved in many local groups and activities, particularly around The Chalfonts, and she will be missed by many.

    Her agreement to go with her daughter to watch Wycombe in 2003 had implications for me too. Six months later I got to know her daughter as we figured out via the Gasroom that we were at the same university, and through her I met my wife.

    Diana was only 73 and her passing, just four days before the Play Off Final, was very sudden. My wife was at her funeral and reported a large turn out.

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