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Anyone Else Suffering From Eldrow Palindromic Syndrome?

Just to enhance my reputation for posting bizarre threads and making weird comments.


  • If you've got it in your Eldrows, you're in trouble.

  • edited June 2022

    Today's Wordle wasn't a palindrome

  • edited June 2022

    Shame I missed out “Withdrawal” before “Syndrome”.

    Not seen today’’s, @ReturnToSenda. No. 25?

  • Now I'm even more confused than I was by the thread title ....

    Must drink more red wine! Doesn't make me any less confused I just don't worry so much.

  • No need to worry, @Twizz ! You must know, after our recent chat, that I’m not quite as bonkers as my posts might suggest. The trouble is that withdrawal from the Gasroom Wordle is only marginally less stressful than logging in and finding only two ‘live’ threads - neither of which does much to ease the pain of an almost total absence of information or debate. But of course we’re all in this together.

  • By ‘regular’ do you mean the New York Times one? That’s the one I do but I believe there are others. @bookertease must have been doing at least one other one as he said he has clocked up 700 + !

    a friend who does our feet ((TMI) referred to something I think she called Quardle but I’ve not been able to find the website.

    All suggestions welcome but if possible keep them clean and inoffensive,

  • That's the one - the original! I quite like WorLdle and have just discovered Tuble.

  • Indeed @Forest_Blue ! Bit late in the day to attempt it now (and TV beckons) but will have a stab tomorrow before going over to Trent Bridge (not literally!)

  • Will also give worLdle & Tuble a whirl. Thanks @ReturnToSenda .

  • Startling start to the day. NY Times-

    Wordle 356 2/6



  • Try Octordle @micra

    As Freddie would say “guaranteed to blow your mind”

  • Thanks for the suggestion, @DevC but I think my mind has blown already. If the cricket becomes boring (very unlikely) I may turn to one or two of the recent suggestions.

    Good to hear from you.

  • Sorry, forgive ignorance/dulled senses - which Freddie are you referring to @DevC ?

  • As a clue, @micra think Elizabeth (Philip doesn’t qualify) in relation to Diana….

  • Did anyone see those amusing memes going round with people holding placards saying; 'I don't ****ing care how quickly you got the Wordle!!' ? No? Oh.

  • Crikey, @DevC, I must be completely out of touch with Royal personnel, memes, mind blowing substances and anything else responsible for my inability to appreciate your merry quip.

    The Test Match is borderline boring already - in particular because of the extraordinary decision to put New Zealand in to bat - so Im thinking of returning to the exciting new world of Wordle . I agree with @Wendoverman that non-players, obviously ‘memes’ amongst them, won’t give a toss about how quickly someone guessed the word. But I’m fairly sure @username123 will be compiling a League table in due course. We are a very competitive bunch.

  • Let me help you further @micra

    i am led to believe that our monarch keeps her champagne in an attractive piece of furniture

    her dietary advice tends to mirror that of a French (I presume) ancestor.

    she was once a distraction from superpower political leaders squabbles

    but if she summons you to her presence, you really should go.

    She consumes fish eggs and tubes stuffed full of harmful weeds

    but she does mind her Ps and Qs

    and is a genuinely lovely person

    Diana though was just one victim of a less desirable aspect of her character

    she is fond of assassination methods pioneered by both Guy Fawkes and Mary Berry

    she is not afraid to detonate explosives using more modern technology

    all of which I would say is guaranteed to blow your mind

    on any occasion.

    how do I know?

    Freddie told me

    (don’t worry folks the new season starts soon. Until then endless Octordle)

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