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Wycombe Wordle 23

Answer to 22 was EVANS - I was thinking Nicky / Terry but we’ve surely had more.

Heres number 23…


  • Wordle guessed in 5/6






  • Wordle guessed in 4/6!






  • Wordle guessed in 4/6!






  • Wordle guessed in 3/6!




  • Wordle guessed in 3/6!




    Snap, @Twizz !

  • Almost got in in 2/6

    Wordle guessed in 3/6!





  • wordle guess in 4

  • Interesting. Some grids don’t appear to show correct, but incorrectly positioned, letters. That certainly seems to be the case there @AlanCecil because there’s surely no way you could have correctly guessed the first four letters at the second attempt without already knowing two or three other wrongly placed letters. It’s a shame because part of the interest lies in seeing the ‘state of play’ at each stage.

    As for people just telling us they did it in whatever number of guesses………

    Perhaps I’m taking it too seriously!!

  • Wordle guessed in 3/6!




    I'll take it...

  • I think your assumption is incorrect, there's no reason at all why a second guess when you've blanked on your first can't be very close to the answer. I wasn't far off myself (and am kicking myself for a slightly silly guess)!

  • i can understand that a second guess can be close if, for example, you’ve got one or two letters, wrongly placed or not, as I’m sure @AlanCecil did. My main point was that some grids, for whatever reason, do not show correct but wrongly placed letters when copied to this thread.

    On this thread, inspired second line guesses are clearly possible, especially for those with long memories of the names/nicknames of Wanderers players and officials. I challenge anyone to do the same with the New York Times Wordle (without checking answers which, sadly, are available on some websites).

  • If it helps I did manage to finish the NY Times Wordle on the 4th line after 3 lines with no letters. That was when I always used the same four words in the first four guesses with 20 letters. And of course it was a complete fluke.

    But it is indeed possible

  • I was very curious as to your 2nd guess @AlanCecil? I can only think "month" ...

  • I thought the same @Twizz .

    @bookertease : I honestly can’t get my head round that. What’s more, I did the NY Wordle in four but can’t remember the answer. Here it is, as texted to my neighbour, including my comment.

    Wordle 352 4/6





    Not easy when nothing’s right after three guesses! I had two “not in word list” attempts before I finally got it.

  • Surely, you can’t use the same four words for your first four guesses every time @bookertease? The right word might occur to you after the first or second guess. But your four words together cover all but six letters of the alphabet, I assume, and that probably more or less guarantees that you’ll get the answer no later than line 5. A more sophisticated twist on the basic micra method which essentially ensures that the first two guesses cover all the vowels. But I don’t stick to the same two words.

  • I'm in no doubt at all that @AlanCecil didn't get any correct but incorrectly positioned letters on his first guess. In doing so he will have eliminated the majority of vowels and one or two common consonants. The rest of his attempts on other threads have plenty of yellow squares interspersed between the green and white. It would be somewhat odd if this one had somehow failed to copy across correctly.

    As you say, this being a Wycombe Wanderers related Wordle helps to focus the mind. My first guess is often not WWFC related, but thereafter it is. I realise this usually eliminates my chances of getting 1/6 (I say usually as there is one first guess that I go back to from time to time, hoping to hit the jackpot!), but greatly enhances my chances of not going beyond 4/6 at worst.

    Anyway, enough of this! I haven't tried today's yet...

  • Excellent stuff @YorkExile. @AlanCecil’s previous efforts (as I’ve now discovered) demonstrate that I got it wrong. My apologies to both of you.

    it’s about 14 hours since I did today’s Gasroom Wordle. There were one or two clues which made it fairly easy.

    I’m now about to tackle the NY Times one.

  • That's pretty much it exactly. There is a copy-cat app (Wordi) which isn't restricted in terms of numbers (I'm on 722 games played) but scores higher for speed, which is why my 'same four words' works quite well. It usually takes less than a minute (as it does for the NY Times Wordle using that method) but it does almost guarantee finishing it in five. Your system is more challenging (and fun) for the NY Times version but does take longer

  • I do a game called ‘Waffle’. Gently wakes my brain cells up in the morning and takes much less thinking power!

  • #waffle137 X/5






    💔 streak: 0

    I had a go, @username123 but, as you can see, I’ve not got to grips with it yet!

  • Is it a daily thing?

  • Yes, Wordle changes from midnight and waffle an hour later 👍

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