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Bayo appreciation thread

I'm not crying; you are.



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  • No idea what's happened there, but was trying to hyperlink this great interview with the great man:

  • As a fan of the club of course I want Wycombe to win, but of all the secondary reasons why a triumph would be amazing, the Bayo send off is pretty much uppermost. This man deserves to ride off into the sunset joyfully, because he has brought so much joy to the sport.

  • Question: If Wycombe were winning by 1 goal (1-0 or 2-1) and the clock ticked over to 85th Minute and we were living life on the edge as Sunderland were constantly attacking, would you bring Bayo on? If yes, what position would you tell him to play?

  • Bit of a risk 85th minute… we’d still have at least 12 mins left to play!!!

    Whatever the score, I think the legend that is Bayo needs to brought on, even if it is “risky”

  • Ainsworth says in his interview with the Moose that he will definitely be bringing Bayo on whatever the situation. Said he's probably the first ever manager to reveal one of his subs pre game before a final.

  • More to the scenario than the score, if the ball is going long a lot but coming straight back, if one or both of there centre backs is bullying Vokes and the attacking midfielders or they are being a bit gnarly he'll give them something to think about.

  • Fuck it! Bring the guy on!! He deserves it. He defends corners etc as well as anyone else too

  • It would truly show our class as a club (and supporters) that we are prepared to celebrate a Legend on his final game no matter what! Thank you Bayo for everything you've done for us and the pain you've surely suffered for the cause.

  • When he comes on I hope the WHOLE Stadium gives him a standing ovation. I think the true Sunderland supporters will appreciate what a special person he is and give him a well deserved send off along with all Chairboys.

  • Favourite Bayo goal as a Chairboy? Maybe the Wimbledon half volley.

  • Great shout! I do love his long, looping header in that vital game at Southend. And Bristol City, though a penalty in front of no fans, was obviously special too.

  • There was a diving header at Port Vale in our promotion season I think.

  • What about the diving header against Leatherhead in The FA Cup?

  • Brace against Southend was absolutely massive

  • Had a bit of a lump in my throat as Bayo came round at the end today.

  • I only get to Adams Park once a season, and it was AFC Wimbledon this time so got to witness that beauty. You'll be sorely missed Bayo.

  • I can’t believe we’ll never see the big man put on a Wycombe shirt again.

    His influence yesterday was huge when he came on. He brought others into the game and his touch was sublime.

    He is our best ever signing. A real one off, the likes of whom we’ll never see again.

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    I'm so glad I was there at Wimbledon for what turned out to be his last goal - and of course it was a typical thumping header, too.

  • Haven't seen a great deal of him during his career other than our League One spell, but he has a quality touch for a man of his build. A 22 year career as well so obviously he has done plenty right. Always seemed open to having a bit of banter with our fans and the booing yesterday was purely psychological to try and negate any impact he might have.

    Respect to him, hes a character.

  • @LochNessDrogba. What you will have seen of Bayo on the pitch is only a fraction of what he has put into the club. He is always ready and willing to chat with fans of any club, and sign autographs. His influence and work in the changing room with the squad has been superb. He's always been willing to help new players settle at the club, and to work with young players and help in any way he can.

    Unfortunately, he has decided not to move into coaching, and to follow other paths. His loss to the club and the game in general will be immense.

    I would also add that he has a quality touch regardless of his build.

    As others have said, we are unlikely to ever see another player like him.

    You don't tend to get 'greats' in the lower leagues, but Bayo most certainly is one.

  • One of my favourite Bayo moments was off the pitch: seeing the queues of Man City fans having their photo taken with him both before and after the game. The man is a true gent.

  • I think mine was seeing Danny Hylton flee for his life as Bayo made it clear he'd like a chat

  • I've always felt a bit awkward ever asking a player for an autograph or selfie, being an older fella, but now I really wish I had got one with the big man - what an absolute, absolute legend, a complete one-off. I hope this is just the start of another hugely successful career for him and we get to see him on our screens again soon - and back at Adam's Park whenever he fancies it.

  • Freedom of the Park. Definitely.

  • Still think we should name a stand after him.

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