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Man of the Match - Portsmouth

Who gets it?

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    • Scowen for me again by a fag paper from Horgan

    • Horgan for me again by a fag paper from McCleary

    • I’d like to be able to say McCleary for me by a fag paper from McCarthy but I can’t. I was blocked/ I botched.

    • I went with Horgan, picked out a lot of nice passes today and even (shock) won some headers as long as he didn’t have to contest them too hard.

      Taf (WWE armlocks aside) and JJ were also in contention for me.

    • Horgan, really??? I know that my opinion about him has differed to many on this forum, but as always, he had absolutely no end product whatsoever. Our least effective player today yet again in my opinion, within a generally very good team performance

      I went for Scowen MOTM, but quite a few others all had solid games

    • I agree that Horgan can be frustrating, and it’s precisely because I don’t find him an easy player to warm to that I try and carefully watch what he’s contributing, to see what others see in him. I’m not pretending that my opinion is any more well-founded than anyone else, mind - there are many who read games better than me.

      I just felt that he was at the heart of a lot of the more creative things we did today.

    • The thing that clinched it for Horgan for me was how often his off the ball movement created space. He was key to everyone else’s success today.

    • And his passing was superb.

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    • Horgan, influential on the ball.

    • Horgan. His link up play was excellent, not for the first time in recent weeks. It’s the bit that follows that he and his teammates need to work on currently.

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      I thought McCarthy was excellent as an outlet all afternoon. His technical inability in comparison to the likes of the other players might mean he's a bit underappreciated. But, my word does he work his socks off down the right. Offers an excellent option in the current formation. If he could deliver a killer ball he'd be too much for teams to handle.

      Scowen also superb, but it's JMac for me.

    • If he could deliver a killer ball he would still be at Milwall

    • @perfidious_albion said:
      If he could deliver a killer ball he would still be at Milwall


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