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  • feee some cash for a deadline day signing ?? haha tongue in cheek !

  • Remember when this guy won the U17 World Cup

  • The writing was probably on the wall when he wasn’t made number two keeper at the start of the season

  • Wish the lad well.

    Must be so hard for a young lad who just four and a bit years ago was winning a World Cup and dreaming - perhaps expecting- to go on to fame and vast fortune in front of the nations eyes to now be playing in the seventh tier in front of 200 or so. How fickle life can be.

  • DevC ? Fickle ?
    Surely an expert in this field !!

  • The writings been on the wall for Curt since we signed two keepers in the summer and sent him on loan. Best of luck.

  • Best of luck to him

  • All the best for your future career, Curt.

  • Oh FFS I read Curtis and leaves as I scrolled down and nearly dropped the damn phone. I wish Curt all the best with his new club and Curtis T all the best with Wing.

  • Mutual consent? No-one asked me! What sort of club is this?

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