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Stand in Goalkeepers

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With the news that, Comoros will have to play a stand in goalkeeper in the African Nations cup match against Cameroon it got me thinking of the occasions in the good old days when the mighty chairboys had to do the same. The main ones that sprang to mind were Bernie (the bolt) Bremer playing for 87 minutes in a crucial top of the table clash against Hendon in 1971. No luxuries like sub goalkeepers on the bench in those days. John Maskell got injured in the first few minutes and our Berne , up till then more famous for his thunderbolt goals from outside the box ,produced a masterclass of goalkeeping for the remainder of the game including stopping one shot with his face and being knocked out for his efforts, All to the ultimate good as we won 3-1 more or less clinching our first league title for 14 years. During the mid 70s we somehow found ourselves in the situation that we had no reserve goalkeeper so the ever versatile defender/midfielder Dave Bullock stood in on a number of occasions. Finally I remember Graham Bressington playing 90 minutes in goal again in a vital top of the table clash against Farnborough in the late 80s and keeping a clean sheet. Any more recollections of Stand in custodians?


  • Steve Brown and Jason McCarthy

  • Richard Harris?

  • Richard Harris

  • Michael Gambon

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    Bobby Davies at Staines way back in the Isthmian League days.
    Keith Samuels when John Maskell was injured in the mid 60s. Our first ever substitute, Martin Priestley, came on for Maskell, and Samuels took over in goal.
    Didn't Richard Harris go in goal once when our normal goalie (Taylor/Talia?) got sent off?

  • Seem to remember Rhino going in goal a couple of times. Possibly for Ben Roberts or Sieb Dykstra - or both as I seem to remember them both getting sent off in the same season.

  • I’ve just had a quick look at the excellent Wycombe Wanderers history book written by Dave Finch and Steve Peart earlier in the season that Mr Bressington played in goal against Farnborough we managed three goalkeepers in one game at Loakes Park against Bognor. Gary Lester was injured just before half-time and Noel(God ) Ashford took over until the interval. Mr Bressington then took over for the second 45 minutes. All good though as we managed to win.

  • Noel Ashford went in goal, when Gary Lester v Bognor in 86. Dave Bullock was that good in goal, he started between the sticks on 4 occasion in three different seasons.
    Dave was one of my coaches at junior football and a lovely chap, if I remember correctly he was on Watford's books as a keeper in his youth.

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    Richard Harris played most of the game in goal at Rushden in 2003/04.

  • Howard Kennedy scored a hatrick and also wore the number 1 shirt in the same game.
    He also took one of his pens in the keepers shirt, as we beat Burnham 4-2 in the B&B cup in 82.
    Howard is still the finest penalty taker, I've seen in a Wanderers shirt.

  • I wonder which player or players in our current squad would go between the sticks if the occasion demanded it.

  • @Mr67 said:
    I wonder which player or players in our current squad would go between the sticks if the occasion demanded it.

    David Wheeler and Jason McCarthy strike me as the two most likely for some reason.

  • Wheels has played pretty much everywhere else...

  • Not Bayo then ??

  • I know he was a keeper, but Barry Richardson going in net in his late 40s a fair while after retirement is probably worth a mention

  • @floyd said:
    David Wheeler and Jason McCarthy strike me as the two most likely for some reason.

    Including in the behind closed doors game this afternoon vs Ipswich, him Horgan and the kids. Hope it’s not a transfer window shop window for either of them.

  • Just giving them game time…surely?

  • Not too many speculators behind closed doors. Unless by appointment perhaps.

  • Richard Harris at R & D was a scream. It was clear he had no idea of the rules, catching a throw in in his first couple of minutes between the sticks and giving away an indirect free kick. Ultimately not his fault as given that Sanchez had played without a substitute keeper all that season, you would have expected him to make contingency plans in the event that an outfield player had to take over in goal. It was clear that Harris was as surprised as anybody else when he was handed the keeper's jersey.

  • Gary Patterson v Carlisle United in April 1996

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