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The 'premier league'

That penalty at palace is the hair that breaks the camel's back. Utter utter utter incompenten e


  • If var comes to the Chilterns I will organise a resistance

  • The most troubling thing for me about VAR is the refs watching replays back and forward in slow motion. The ref didn’t see one replay from any angle at full speed. A ridiculous decision.

  • So many incidents look like fouls in slow motion, don’t they?

  • I think we largely showed that the VAR technology is good the people running it are not.
    My favourite this season is Antonio’s being ruled as an offside player when a ball ‘may’ have run over his laces when he was facing the other way.
    VAR took 4 or 5 minutes to discuss 3 or 4 possible reasons to rule out a goal. An embarrassment to professional sport.

  • Jota clearly deliberately ran into Guetta yesterday after the ball had gone. How the Var did not see that I have no idea. Glad we've taken human error and guesswork out of the equation.

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