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  • Hadn't seen it but have now. A rather jolly, well-written tease, I thought.

  • Yeah, very in keeping with his humour

  • I beg your pardon. I meant the Mirror piece. I'll have a look at the website now!

  • Oh, the Mirror piece is very typical Tom Victor as well!

  • Right. Well having looked through the website, it seems to be pretty execrable nonsense. But I guess, if he's looking to put himself out there and find some avenues post-football, it's one way to do it, albeit I don't care for the way it's written at all, in many different ways, and I struggle to see it as being meant ironically. I really like the bloke but don't hold a torch for him so I'm not going to hold it against him.

  • It’s not a new website and I found the Mirror piece to be mean spirited filler.

  • I’m sure Stockdale hears worse from behind him on the terraces every Saturday, and much like on a match day, will relish the abuse. That’s if he even bothers to read the mirror.

  • It is definitely written ironically

  • I'm not sure football fans get irony...especially if they are quite angry about something.

  • Irony in ‘print’ is harder to pull off than some of Stocko’s wonder saves

  • Outside of football he is a businessman, and the website is doing nothing more than helping to try and build personal brand.

    Good on him I say. But it needs updating because it says he still plays in the championship I think.

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