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Betting preview for Wycombe matches

Just wondering if anyone likes a flutter whether they'd be interested in a betting preview for the match with a few recommendations thrown in for some fun. Don't worry, I'm not some sort of affiliate. It's just for a bit of fun for anyone that likes to have a couple of quid on here and there.

I'll stick it to a poll for everyone.


Poll not found


    • Appreciate the idea @boozyblue85 blue but not for me tbh. Absolutely does my nut trying to listen to football stuff on Talksport and every 5 mins getting an update from someone at PaddyPower giving me their thoughts! This place is a nice escape! Although in fairness it would be on a thread which I can ignore?

    • Likewise. I appreciate the sentiment, but the prevalence of betting ads and sponsorships is appalling and is contributing to ruined lives up and down the country.

      I even heard kids at my daughters primary school discussing betting odds last year.

    • Not sure this is the right site for betting tips.

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