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Man of the Match Season Update - 25/46

edited January 11 in Football

Another five games in, and a huge shakeup. JJ was so dominant in winning MOTM against Sunderland that he jumped all the way from 8th to 1st in total votes, one ahead of Garath McLeary. However, Mehmeti still leads in votes per start, doing more with less games, so to speak. JJ joins Scowen on 4 total MOTM wins, though this includes a shared award.

Total Votes:
1. Jacobson: 175
2. McLeary: 174
3. Scowen: 159
4. Hanlan: 136
5: Stockdale: 135

Votes per start (minimum 10 starts)
1. Mehmeti: 10.09
2. McLeary: 9.66
3. Hanlan: 8.50
4. Scowen: 8.36
5. Jacobson: 7.60

Total MOTM wins:
1. Scowen: 4 (incl. 1 shared)
2. Jacobson: 4 (incl. 1 shared)
3. Hanlan: 3
4: Stewart: 3
5: Stockdale: 3 (incl. 1 shared)

I still think McLeary is a couple of 'cheat code' games away from blowing this wide open, but everyone is doing so well that none of the races can be predicted with complete confidence.

This time around, some facts to love about the MOTM votes this season.

  1. Bayo won as a substitute, which helps him average a whopping 18.5 votes per start (though with only two starts).
  2. Forino-Joseph (10.5 votes per start, 1 win) and Pendlebury (10 votes per start, 1 win), have done very well in their limited action (4 and 3 starts respectively).
  3. Mehmeti's two awards means that Development Squad graduates have won 4 MOTMs in a combined 18 starts, and all average over 10 votes per start. Incredible!
  4. 13 different players have won MOTM over 25 matches, which speaks to the depth and quality of our squad.
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