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Be Advised: Unexploded Bomb At Wembley

In case you're not aware, an unexploded WWII bomb has been uncovered a few hundred yards from Wembley Stadium.

Currently Empire Way is closed and there is a 400yd radius evacuation zone.

A controlled explosion is scheduled for this morning (Friday).

Whilst I don't believe the explosive risk to Wembley Stadium is very high, it may be wise to stay appraised of the situation due to potential travel disruption on Saturday. And be prepared to adjust your travel plans accordingly.


  • According to the BFP, the game is in serious doubt. I'd be surprised if this is the case and I would really hope our local paper is not scaremongering ahead of such a big day for the town.

  • edited May 2015

    Yeah, I think BFP is just parroting other scaremonger stories in the papers...

    The device looks like it's the Luftwaffe's SC-50, which contained 55lb of TNT based explosive.


    Here's a controlled detonation of an SC-50.

  • Wembley twitter have said the games won't be affected

  • How ironic that Wembley are happy to risk un-exploaded bombs, but won't let big flags in without a note from teacher!

  • Could make for a volatile atmosphere

  • @lx1 too right mate!

  • Planted by those Bristol Rovers fans no doubt.

  • Would be interested where they've got the '20,000 people' prediction from

  • He also got the number of years wrong regarding our last Wembley appearance. It was obviously 21 years ago in 1994.

  • apart from that completely factual :0)

  • That nasty Mr Hitler....still trying to spoil things. We will not be deterred.

  • He only had one ball

  • This is goering to run and run

  • Apparently it's all sorted - BFP are reporting the bomb's been removed.

  • Yep confirmed on sky - removed to be detonated in Colchester

  • It can only improve the place.

  • You have to feel a bit sorry for the bomb really.

    All it ever really wanted to do was to some damage, destroy somewhere really nice. Break some hearts. Do some good for the fuhrer.

    70 years ago it had the misfortune to land at Wembley and sensibly thought no point exploding here, I cant make it a lot worse now.

    For 70 years it has lain quietly in the ground, biding its time waiting for its moment to do its duty for the Reich.

    Finally a new Wembley stadium is built. It can only be a matter of time before it is graced by the Chairboys. The play off is won, the bomb gets excited, its moment has come, perhaps it hums a little to itself in anticipation. its a fatal mistake. Just 48 hours before its big moment, its cover is blown and it is captured.

    And then ignomany of ignomany, it doesnt even get the change to make a controlled explosion within site of the towers already draping themseves in blue. Instead it is carted off to Colchester of all places - even more of a dump than Wembley in the 40s. Poor thing may just as well have exploded all those years ago and saved itself the bother.

  • She wore, she wore, she wore a sky blue Ribbentrop

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