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Can’t see how to delete an account on here. Please do it for me

Thanks for the board and to all other gasroomers for the (mostly) civilised discussions - been different to their places


  • You OK @carrickblue ?

    Feel free to talk or rant if you want... its good to get things off your chest

  • @carrickblue I’m sending you a Direct Message.

  • @carrickblue

    I don’t know you.

    Saw your post on another thread, you know the one. I take a break from things sometimes, so I have less to think about so I have less on my mind, and I find it helps. And go on Google, YouTube or Alexa and listen to some music by Elijah Bossenbroek, it chills me out no end and I feel better for it.

    Don’t give up though, please.

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