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What's the best pub in London Bridge on Sat?

I always use the market ones but feel there are some side street jems


  • I liked The Woolpack.

  • The Old King's Head, proper old fashioned boozer

  • @OxfordBlue said:
    I liked The Woolpack.

    Thought that was in Emmerdale!

  • @mooneyman said:

    @OxfordBlue said:
    I liked The Woolpack.

    Thought that was in Emmerdale.

    Thought that was in Stoke Mandeville. Bit of a trudge.

  • I'm a fan of the George, but it probably comes into its own more in summer.

  • At the risk of annoying those want to keep it a hidden gem, The Royal Oak near Borough tube and walking distance to London Bridge is a wonderful back-street ale palace. Not the place for fans of fizzy stuff that's only bearable at near freezing-point.

  • I think warm/real ale pubs should have to display a flag outside with a relevant logo to warn us cold lager and pilsner lovers. It could be a regimented logo of sandals with socks or a Steeleye Span album cover.
    As entering a pub with Beard lice flowing through the air, is not a pleasant experience.

  • Bit harsh chap. We’ll have to call you ChasHarp (or Stella). I’m ducking.

  • The Rake is worth seeking out if you want a less obvious choice, Always liked the Barrowboy and Banker too and anything near the market, the Anchor is probably best in the summer but might at least be a bit less touristy than usual. Bermondsey (one stop on the tube) has a beer mile now but that might not be conducive to gaining entry to the Valley. London Bridge probably one of the best areas for a pint and a burger anywhere.
    Pubs that serve good real ale can always handle a little bit of cold lager btw, usually doesn't work the other way round.

  • Post match, be sure to check out the Miller, great place, shame it doesn't open earlier

  • The Anchor (walk along the river toward Blackfriars) is decent and shouldn’t be too busy at the moment (normally lots of tourists in the summer). Nice views of the river, although mostly from the terrace outside.

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