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Samsung Galaxy log in issues.

I have had an issue with my mobile not allowing me to log in for about 5 days now. It has a history of doing this, but normally resolves itself within a day or two. No problems on my desktop AppleMacs.
Anyone got any useful ideas please?


  • edited December 2021

    Do you have auto fill passwords In use or manually enter the password in each time?

    It might have updated the stored password for the website to the wrong one.

  • There sometimes seems to be a slight glitch on this site, whether on laptop or phone, where you enter your details and it doesn't bring you into your login account.

    But if you then click on any of the left hand sections like categories, it then shows you as logged in ok.

    Not sure if it's anything like that.

    Happens occasionally whether i've manually entered my login, or set the auto password.

  • I normally stay logged in and am logged in automatically when I come to this site. Occasionally I come to this site and find I am not logged in. At that point I enter my credentials manually and, usually, the site then still looks like I am not logged in, with all thread titles showing in bold. If I then refresh the page I find I am actually logged in and threads I have read previously no longer have bold titles.

  • I constantly get a text box (lower left screen) with "You need to confirm your email address. Click here to resend the confirmation email". I do this all the time and nothing happens! I get in to the site ok though.

  • I am getting all the above, but still won't let me log in even though I have requested new password. I too have nothing happen. Been logged out for over a week now on my phone but no issues with desktop. Don't get a "new password request thingy" in my email box. Weird!

  • Update, I am in on all devices again.

  • Clearing cache, or getting a message to @drcongo via carrier pidgeon normally sorts this kind of thing

  • Just weird how it all of a sudden works? I've changed my password, (which I've already forgotten), in the hope that works!

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