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Man of the Match season update - 20/46

edited November 2021 in Football

Another five games in, and the overall votes are tightening, owing to McLeary and Scowen missing significant games and Hanlan not picking up many points lately. Mehmeti has come from nowhere to be right up there in points, and leading in Votes Per Start, the most important metric.

Overall votes:
1. Scowen: 146
2. McLeary: 143
3. Hanlan: 127
4. Stewart: 118
5. Tafazolli: 112
6. Mehmeti: 105
7. Stockdale: 92

Votes Per Start (Minimum 7 starts)
1. Mehmeti: 15
2. Hanlan: 11.54
3. McLeary: 11
4. Scowen: 8.58
5. Tafazolli: 7
6. Stewart: 6.21
7. Stockdale: 4.6

Overall MOTM awards:
1. Scowen: 4 (incl. 1 shared)
2. Stewart: 3
3. Hanlan: 3
4. McLeary: 2
5. Mehmeti: 2
6. Stockdale: 2 (incl. 1 shared)
7. Jacobson: 2 (incl. 1 shared)

I still see McLeary as the front runner for Player of the Season, as he was far ahead before he went out injured, and I would expect a dominant MOTM performance from him over the next few games. Scowen, Hanlan and Stewart are all within clear striking distance. Mehmeti will probably not end up playing enough games to qualify, while Stockdale and Tafazolli are dark horses together with Sam Vokes, who could pick up the pace with a free scoring second half of the season. Vokes is currently 8th in total votes with 67 and 9th in Votes Per Start among qualifying players with 3.52.


  • Thanks for continuing this @Shev, I find it a really interesting addition to the Gasroom.

  • Hear hear.

  • Yes excellent work @Shev and much appreciated.

  • True. Great to see Taff getting so many votes when in other threads his ‘commitment’ is perhaps questioned.

  • I think Scowen has been the biggest miss in the last few games. Hope he’s “close”.

    Burton won’t be pushovers but some casual followers may have thought the 5-0 defeat a couple of weeks ago was against our regular lineup. My AFC supporting friend said in an email that he bet I flew into an apoplectic rage when I saw that result ! I didn’t of course but it did show that most of the Development Squad are some distance from making the grade at League 1 level and I must admit that I raised an eyebrow when I read that one of them was going on loan to Beaconsfield. But handily local and no doubt a good physically toughening experience.

    Have a feeling we will be seeing Ali Al-Hamadi getting a place on the bench before too long.

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