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Was going to take a time out after tonight

But here goes...

Apart from a couple of notable shockers (Sido, oh dear) the blame for today IMHO rests with the manager. I have no idea what the formation was and the players share that as well I am guessing. At times we were kind of 4-1-1-4. At times is was 4-2-4 at times is was a total shambles. Either way we were overrun over and over again by a well-drilled Plymouth side.

From very early on we should have dropped into a simple 4-4-2, the personnel were on the pitch but he doggedly stuck with what was not working.

Hopefully GA will learn from tonight and we will move on to better things. We have a lack of fire-power and need all the help we can get from the team as a whole. Tonight was defence, no midfield and a collection of miss-firing attackers.

A shambles all round.


  • Spot on Andygr......My big concern has always been how poorly GA uses substitutes on the bench.Murphy should have been on at half time to booster the midfield not te minutes from time when it was too late. And I really felt sorry for the young lad Senior who was totally out of his depth.

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