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Doncaster (a) - Attendance Prediction Thread Match 12 - Sat 16th Oct

Predictions invited for the next game at Donny on Saturday.

I will do my own prediction later this time, as @Forest_Blue says: "So many factors at play each week." I should move from Shrewsbury to Cambridge today with the valve op sometime in the future.

I intend soon to put up the thread for Rotherham away (Tues 19th) as that game is only a week away now. Both threads will be live at the same time. When I saw the fixture list I was tempted to travel up to West Yorkshire and stay over to catch both games with some healthy walking inbetween, but other plans interfered. I wonder if anyone is planning a two game trip, because that will be a factor in everyone's calculations!

Anyway attendance predictions for the Doncaster game please. Best 6 predictions will count after this game.



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