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The penalty

I was directly opposite the challenge in the Valley End, with a clear unobstructed view. The moment I saw it I though ‘penalty!’. Right decision made, it was inside the box when he was clipped. Ref is a Premier League ref and it showed…he had a good game.


  • It's funny you say that, as I was level with the box from the side, and thought it was outside.
    I've seen a still since and still can't tell for certain.

    It was a reckless challenge either way.

  • Doh I didn’t mean to post that as a stand alone subject - forgive me!!

  • edited October 2021

    My initial thought was it was outside

    Top marks to Scowen though for putting the penalty taker off

  • To be fair after viewing highlights the challenge was just inside

  • That's what I thought at the time and I was standing pretty close to it

  • I just read this:- "Although the foul initiated outside the box, it continued at least till the line marking the penalty area and a foul on the line is a penalty."
    That was in connection with an international match but seems to apply in this case.

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